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  1. Texas Sold: Rigid Industries Radiance 20204

    Selling (6) Rigid Radiance 20204. They have the amber backlighting. They come with mounting hardware. They do not come with wiring harness. I opened one box for pictures and the other (2)have not been. $350 shipped in the lower 48
  2. What Navigation Version Are You On?

    Just curious what nav version other folks are on. Mine is below. Seems like there is a date in the version name. 2021-04-15 Mine is V1.54r.20210415.1ccee3b5
  3. Texas Sold: 2021 Cruise Control LH Steering Wheel Switch

    Selling my 2021 LH steering wheel switch. Has the Lane keep assist and adaptive cruise control buttons. Will do $60 shipped in the lower 48. This was removed from a 2021 Ford Raptor.