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  1. Topped off 3 clicks and gas spilled out everywhere

    when the pump clicks off, I'm done. depending on the temp gas expands. Overfill can cause damage in some vehicles, I'd rather not send my truck to the shop for repairs. It's not a diesel. I used to add 2-3 gallons more in my F250, but you can do that on a diesel, tank expansion room is not...
  2. ECU module programming guide using FDRS

    You will want to make sure you are doing updates using a power supply and not on battery alone. Some updates will really tax the battery, and you don't want voltage to drop to low.
  3. Ford Pass as key ?

    No, ford pass as a key is only on the lightning. Not available on the ICE trucks since they have different hardware.
  4. Auto Resume vs. Stopped - why does one show up sometimes versus the other?

    it depends on the amount of time you are sitting stopped. Resuming the Set Speed from a Complete Stop (If Equipped) If your vehicle follows a vehicle to a complete stop and remains stationary for less than a few seconds, your vehicle accelerates from a stationary position to follow the vehicle...
  5. Potential new ride for my lady

    Yes, the wireless CarPlay/andriod auto uses the bluetooth/wireless in sync.
  6. Potential new ride for my lady

    No satelite, updates are via 4g LTE, sync has a modem to connect. Also how ford pass works.
  7. Potential new ride for my lady

    Ok, the ST just has the hotspot deleted. 4G LTE WI-FI HOTSPOT CREDIT That does not do the updates, that's only if you want to use a laptop, iPad, etc in the truck and not hot spot of your phone. You have to pay AT&T for a subscription to use it. Since it has connected nav, sync would still...
  8. Potential new ride for my lady

    What model? Does it have connected navigation? Just curious if the 4g delete is for the hotspot and not the connected vehicle features (those are different).
  9. Built to "hands on" timing?

    I don't think there's still a rule of thumb of X number of days. My 22 was built Feb 22, and showed up at the dealer in Oct 22. Missing modules were the delay. The truck I bought from a different dealer was built the week before my original order in Feb 22 and I would it off the lot in May 22...
  10. HUD Retrofit to earlier models (21-23) possible?

    Not sure if anybody here will have your answer. One thing to consider, is that the modules in the truck could be running different software, which would need to be side loaded.You would then have a truck that you can't updated. There are people that have swapped out the IPC and are in that...
  11. How often do you reboot Sync4?

    last one was when I updated it, I think back in Sept 23.
  12. Is there a way to save a drive mode?

    Nope, this question should be a sticky at the top of the forum :ROFLMAO:
  13. Overheated Engine to 401 degrees

    400 is just were the temp sensor is located. The block/heads were well over 400, if you had no coolant.
  14. Temperature readout showing in HVAC control knobs for 2023 F-150?

    Did you use forscan to pull the as build values from the old module before you pulled it out? If you did, you just need to write those values into the new module to program it. If you didn't pull the as built values first, you can grab the copy from Ford. Via this URL. Put in your VIN...
  15. Brake Pedal Anti-Theft

    The shifter is electronic, you could put a switch on the shifter cable so the shifter cannot send the signal to put the truck in gear.
  16. OTA Update - 23-PU0904-PPO-PRP

    The doors not unlocking to touch can be from a low battery.
  17. HVAC control swap issues

    You can't do a PMI on a module that is not supposed to be in the truck. If the part number is not in the inventory for your truck the PMI will fail.
  18. ECU module programming guide using FDRS

    I also use this unit, it has a power supply mode, which is what you want when doing updates. This unit was recommended earlier in the thread, I think it's Jesse's recommendation. It was $80 when I bought it.
  19. Remove ForScan from Trade-In F150?

    No, forscan is not like a tuner. The software does not marry to your truck. I've traded in trucks with forscan programming changes, figured next owner would want them also 🤣