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  1. 400w in cabin outlets

    Found this, seems like my truck for sure SUCKS I'm out of warranty.
  2. 400w in cabin outlets

    A phone charger. Sometimes it's left in and runs, others times left in, it doesn't. Just as often, don't have the charger in, it works, have it out, it doesn't etc etc. The illumination power light on the outlet is hit or miss, to a point I just stopped using it and went to the USBC outlet...
  3. Best Way To Protect My New F-150 Paint?

    PPF front end. I only did front bumper to prolong rusting out from chips. Go further with PPF if you have it in the budget.
  4. Those who have done OEM Projector and Tail upgrades

    Anyone else tackle this that can chime in? Really looking to dive into it but my schedule hasn't yet afforded the opportunity.
  5. 400w in cabin outlets

    Have nearly 50k on my truck and this has been an issue for as long as I can remember. Never took it in as it's always such a hassle, but now may be the time, unless I can figure out something obvious here for a solution. Interior outlets, intermittent power issues. Sometimes they work, others...
  6. Undisclosed New OEM 2021-2023 Blind Spot Detection Sensors

    Bump, will do $300 shipped
  7. Experience with GM 2.7 4 cyl?

    Looking to add another vehicle to my business. 2024 F150 STX Black Package, 2.7 2024 GMC Sierra Custom 2.7 I really like the style of the new Sierra and in black, looks sharp. Pricing wise, the Sierra I get a better monthly payment on a 36 or 48 month lease with same mileage as the F150...
  8. Members with Michelin Defender LTX or LTX 2's on their trucks.

    They are not considered all weather tires as they do not have the 3PMSF rating. I never tried them during a winter as I had always swapped to dedicated winters but I heard from some they are decent in snow.
  9. What did you do TO your F-150 today? 🙋🏻‍♂️

    Swapped from winters to summers. When I make the time, will be swapping the Alpharex headlights to OEM custom painted projectors.
  10. Members with Michelin Defender LTX or LTX 2's on their trucks.

    I've had the Defender LTX on both an F150 and an Expedition. Wonderful tire. You won't be disappointed with this all season.
  11. Upgrading 2022 F-150 STX halogen headlights to LED head lights?

    If you go to OEM bi led or full projector, you need harnesses and Forscan.
  12. Official Lowered F150s w/ Wheels & Tires Photos Thread

    It's a BAP truck so I pulled the grille and swapped with an STX. Painted it gloss black along with mirror caps. The tailgate applique is just a satin vinyl wrap from a local shop.
  13. Ford Performance Whipple kit installers

    Well, I can't say I haven't messed around with my truck....total opposite of that 😅. Opted to not go S/C as I drive a ton, read some mixed reviews with cats, those two vendors didn't recommend a pre axle exhaust which I already had and after my Livernois tune I enjoyed my truck's drivability...
  14. Ford Performance Whipple kit installers

    That is correct. I was shopping around at the time and decided to not go S/C. If it were something I was going to pursue, I would have pressed the issue on that. Good to know for reference if anyone out there runs into a similar situation.
  15. Ford Performance Whipple kit installers

    This was well before, maybe 15k miles on the truck I was informed if now I wanted to bring the truck in to install a Whipple or Roush that the warranty would not be applicable as it's not a new truck purchased and kit installed prior to customer delivery.
  16. Ford Performance Whipple kit installers

    I have a local dealer who does both Whipple and Roush and I was informed if I took my 45k mile truck to install, no warranty is applicable.
  17. Ford Performance Whipple kit installers

    Isn't the warranty only applicable if you have it installed upon delivery through the dealer?
  18. What did you do TO your F-150 today? 🙋🏻‍♂️

    Gave it a quick winter wash to get the grime off. Looking forward to warmer weather so I can swap wheels and get new headlights installed.