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  1. Front End Friday with STX Styled Lower Bumper Grille

    I like what you did. Especially as SC is one of those rear license plate only states.
  2. Tested what max payload looks like - 2021 F-150 5.0 w/ 3.73

    Probably have less traffic light front/rear bounce if the load was in front of the rear axle. But then, you'd be looking at an headache rack to protect yourself. Thats one load I'd use my Aluma 7816 for....... and get more than one load of sod.
  3. Blue Cruise Active During Deadly Crash in Texas

    Admit it. None of us pay as much attention when "just" using adaptive cruise as we do without it. We've all seen those videos of Tesla with fast asleep people behind the wheel.....
  4. News release: Ford Shipping New F-150, Ranger in Unprecedented Truck Offensive

    I just got a promo from Ford in the mail. I told the wife it had a $2,000 coupon for a new Ford. She wasn't impressed with this "Money saving" idea...
  5. OTA updates and Livernois tuner.

    The computer code that runs the hybrid and Powerboosts has to be very different from the plain old 3.5 without the extra bits on it. I sure wouldn't tune a PB. Seems most dealer techs don't want anything to do with them.
  6. Did they really bump up my production date a week.

    Don't book that ticket until the dealer (?Granger) physically has the truck on their lot.
  7. 10R80 Transmission Teardown

    I still don't understand auto transmissions. Somehow I don't think I ever will....
  8. HUD Retrofit to earlier models (21-23) possible?

    Have you considered aftermarket units? I guarantee anything from Ford will be hideously expensive....even before you get to labor.... Head up display
  9. Possible transmission pan for Powerboost

    PPE messed up on the oil pans.... https://www.f150forum.com/f7/warning-ppe-transmission-pans-10r80-535875/
  10. Pro Access Tailgate

    Its not something I would want. Looking at the build it site, looks like its wrapped up in an option package or two. I also hate to think of the additional payload it gobbles up. Could we see an F150 with Tundra like payloads under 1,000lbs?
  11. Charging System Service Soon.

    100 miles of driving should be sufficient to markedly improve the charge of any battery even with a couple of stops and restarts. Do you have a voltmeter? At rest 12.5v with engine running no more than 14.9v
  12. Highest Supercharged Mileage

    The stock 5.0 has a 12:1 Compression ratio. This is at the high end for naturally aspirated engines. Turbo and supercharged vehicles tend to keep the CR lower than NA engines. Is there any change in the head gaskets to lower the CR and if so, what does it drop to?
  13. 2024 F-150 Scheduling This Week (4/4/24) for Production Week 5/13 - 5/20

    If the 3.5 is built as the same plant that other engines like the 3.3 was, then I would have thought that cancelling one engine would release space to build more of the other. Then again, I'm seeing local dealers order the 3.5 not the 5.0 as they used to two and three years ago. So perhaps...
  14. First trip of 2024 - FLA-GA-SC -- 10 day journey in 2021 F-150 Platinum PowerBoost towing E-Pro 20FBS Travel Trailer

    I'm surprised at the front axle weight. Last time I scaled my truck and trailer (with wheeling truck on) I had Front 2860, rear 3060, Trailer axles 4920 for a total of 10,840.
  15. LensunSolar Hood Solar Panel F-150 Powerboost BAP/Tremor Hood Installation

    I see it as inevitable that ICE trucks will likely have to have solar panels built in (hello sunroof) as a form of battery maintainer at the very least, hybrid battery charging at best. This is a very good first try. Like any first attempt, issues arise that experience will teach how to overcome.
  16. 2kW Pro Power came through for 14 hours of backup power during home power loss

    My next truck will be ordered and not bought off the lot. It will come with the 2kw option as when I have two people in the truck both wanting to use the AC 400w is a little lightweight.
  17. 2024 OEM F-150 LED Tail Lights retrofit install on a 21-23

    They're the 24 design. So I guess we'll get used to the design whether we like it or not.
  18. Bed Rack For Truck w/ Inner Rail System

    Any racks out there that allow you to have a tonneau cover as well?
  19. Installed K&N CAI cold air intake kit and Borla exhaust on 3.5 EcoBoost F-150

    The intake is the same location as the stock unit. So just as cold. K&N filters don't keep out as much dirt as a stock filter as they rely on the oil. Be careful not to dowse the filter in oil as that will damage any sensors in the intake.