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  1. 2024 XLT headlights and light pipes

  2. 2024 XLT headlights and light pipes

    that looks waaay better than the 21-23 trucks.
  3. 2024 - Has the 10 speed been remedied?

    Lol I dont know what answer you are expecting but snakebitten has given you the best answer anyone on this forum could up to this point. if you find someone that can tell you with 100% accuracy if you will have issues with your 2024 f150 transmission, have them forward be the winning powerball...
  4. Steeda rear sway bar for F-150

    For me, i cant think of any down sides.
  5. Steeda rear sway bar for F-150

    I think we would be fine with the belltech option. It is hollow so not as stiff as the steeda and hellwig bars but its a lot cheaper at $420. Im lowered ~5 inches in the back and only the belltech states it will fit. Nobody said they are autocrossing their truck so I dont see why it wouldn't...
  6. Stage 2 Whipple Engine Failure 2021 F150 5.0

    Thanks for the reply. Best of luck
  7. Low oil pressure warning

    Thats fantastic news, not the bad motor but that they took cars of you. Doesnt happen very often.
  8. Stage 2 Whipple Engine Failure 2021 F150 5.0

    Wow. That sucks. Was the engine replaced under warranty or on your dime?
  9. I'm DONE with OTA updates !

    Op- I could not agree with you more on this topic.
  10. Wow. Power seats very noticeably reduce driver leg room 🤪. Is there a work around ?

    Gotchya, thanks. I read his response also and understand now.
  11. Wow. Power seats very noticeably reduce driver leg room 🤪. Is there a work around ?

    set cruise in stop and go traffic. ACC with stop and go will come to a stop and take off again without input from the driver. My 2016 Audi had that feature.
  12. complete detonation

    Yes, the roush kit calls for specific spark plugs. per emails with Roush, they dont require changing for 100k miles.
  13. complete detonation

    Roush explained it differently. They said they were seeing “…large oscillations in engine torque and exhaust flow potentially causing engine or catalyst damage. A revised calibration provides smoother operation…” I have installed their update and I can see a difference in logs and can feel...
  14. complete detonation

    The roush kit includes a boost a pump on my 2022. i would assume the 2023 is the same You can check some of my other posts but roush has a tune revision out there. Reach out to Roush or have your dealer open a case with then. Broken cat will cause back pressure in the cylinders. Not saying...
  15. Keep or remove the active shutters?

    On my sons 2017 F150 you can watch transmission temperatures lower by turning on the AC. Turning on the AC opens the shutters some amount. I have never noticed any benefit in having the shutters. I don’t live in a cold climate either so i don’t have any issues with the engine getting up to temp.
  16. Keep or remove the active shutters?

    Roush instructions say to remove the shutter blades.
  17. Highest Supercharged Mileage

    I would get long tubes and gesi cats and have something built. I live in Mississippi so no emissions testing anyway.
  18. Highest Supercharged Mileage

    I’m with you on that. lol I’m leaning towards long tubes anyway so these downpipe options seem like a waste of money for me. In the meantime though I’m going to convert to heated and cooled leather and let Ford/Roush fix stuff as needed until the warranty expires.
  19. Highest Supercharged Mileage

    no. the dealer did nothing with the tune. I didn’t even know there was a revision until i opened a case with Roush after my truck was returned.
  20. Highest Supercharged Mileage

    I ensured he knew i had a 2022 truck and that what he was telling me matched the 2018-2020 trucks tune revision. He assured me that a tune revision was available for my VIN. so we shall see. I have the Roush software the correct cable and voucher from roush to apply the update.