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  1. Buyback help

    We had a 2023 Ford Escape ST Line Hybrid built 4/21/23. It keeps draining the battery, so they replaced the battery. A week later it was doing the same thing. It's been at dealership since 12/18/23. The head mechanic and service manager can't figure it out. So they had an engineer from Detroit...
  2. Powerboost 2027?

    Next month will be a complete year with my 2023 Powerboost. Although I haven't had any major problems, I'm not completely sold on this one. I'm really hoping that Ford will make a better hybrid version by 2027. I know mine is a Powerboost, and I appreciate the extra power. But I'm hoping for a...
  3. Bed lights aren't working!

    Hi all, I went to get some tools from my truck bed tonight and the switch didn't work, I have no bed lights. I would appreciate any suggestions. 🤔
  4. Wipers malfunctioning!

    My wipers are always set in rain sensing mode, but they will come on for no reason. When the windshield is dry they come, and won't stop until I stop them. 😳🤔
  5. DEEP SLEEP MODE fixed?! 🤞

    My truck has parked, and not started in 9 days, since I returned from my vacation in Ocean City Maryland. I have not received a DEEP SLEEP MODE notification. So hopefully the problem is fixed. I'll keep you guys posted. 😊👍
  6. Powerboost Tune?

    Has anyone heard about a tune for Powerboost yet ? If it's even possible. 🤔
  7. Retracting Runner boards

    Is there a way to make the running boards remain the out position. After I leave the car wash, they retract.
  8. Professional ceramic coating with best shine?

    I've been using System X Renew Ceramic Spray Coating DIY. It really gives a great shine, and has a slick finish and feel. But it only lasts about four to six weeks, depending on how many washes. It costs $60, for a 16.9 oz bottle. I need help with suggestions, on a professional ceramic coating...
  9. On going problem

    So I took my power boost back to the dealership for the deep sleep mode problem again. I was told on this visit that, this is a ongoing problem with 3 of the F150 models. He never mentioned which three though. He also told me Ford is working on this problem, because they have been contacted...
  10. Wheel well liner

    I have a 2023 F150, which I ordered with the wheel well liners. They expose too much of what's in the wheel well, like the shocks and other things. Please direct me to where I can find some that actually cover the wheel well. Thanks for any advice. You guys are AWESOME.
  11. Powerboost Caliper Covers?

    I want caliper covers on my 2023 Lariat Sport Powerboost, but I'm having trouble with everyone I contact. They can't guarantee the proper fit. Has anyone on here had caliper covers installed? This Powerboost thing is different, but I'm loving my truck. I greatly appreciate all the help I can...
  12. How to increase DRL brightness?

    I need my DRL brightness increased, but I'm not computer savvy. Is there any chance that I might be able to locate somewhere near me. I'm in Upstate NY, and will to drive to you. I will pay your asking price. HELP!
  13. FORScan for Powerboost to increase my DRL brightness ?

    Has anyone done FORScan on 2023 Powerboost yet ? I would like to increase my DRL brightness.
  14. Set of Limited tires and wheels 2021-2023 for sale?

    I'm looking to buy a set of low mileage Limited tires and wheels. If anyone has a set for sale, please leave me a message. Thanks
  15. Picked up my 2023 502a Lariat Sport Powerboost

    After waiting six months for its arrival, I wasn't as excited as when I was leading up to this day. 360 camera not added, under seat storage not added either. The salesman who originally took my order was let go or fired, they won't say. Otherwise it's a beautiful and POWERFUL truck.
  16. Received my 2023 Lariat Sport 502A

    It was ordered 7/30/22, built 11/13/22. The last of six shipping dates was 1/28/23 to 2/3/23. The dealer mentioned in the beginning of this process, that the truck could just show up without notice,and it did.
  17. What does rake mean?

    I'm not sure, but I thought someone on here, a while back mentioned something about the trucks rake. Because I don't want to raise my front end to level it. I just want to lower the rear, maybe 2 or 3 in. to make my 305/35 24 rims and tires look a little better. Please school this old rookie?
  18. Convoy tracking?

    Is there a way to track by convoy or a specific truck? 🤔
  19. Tracking my shipping

    I have my VIN #, but I thought there might be another way to track my 2023 Lariat. To see if it's on a rail or on a truck. I think the VIN #s have some meaningful features. Like the type of engine, type of truck, model year etc. I would love to track it every where it goes and stops. I know I'm...
  20. 3.5L PowerBoost Battery Tender

    My 2023 Lariat Sport Powerboost is supposed to be shipped this week. But, we know it won't be. In the meantime, I'm looking into buying a battery tender. Please, if someone could give the names of some good ones, it would be greatly appreciated.