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  1. 5.0 engine unavailable to KingRanch and Platnium 2024

    Just wait until all F250 and F350 come with the diesel above the XL trim. Enjoy that uncharge due to "engine configuration" and "wiring reduction". Look at European manufacturers, you can configure a vehicle in any possible way you want here. 360 camera and parking sensors on a base model with...
  2. California Proposal To Limit Speeds To 10 Over Speed Limits!

    Camera's all over Europe. You get a ticket for 5 km over (that's about 3 mph). Can't really dispute them either. Cameras also in unmarked cars, trucks, trash cans, trailers, etc. on side of road. Residential is 30km/h in Germany. Very easy to go over. Your license plate is tied to your driver's...
  3. 4A vs 4H Snow driving

    Drove in unclean roads today, sub 0. 4A was slipping now and then, 4H not so much. Both in Slippery mode with stock tires. I love 4A for wet and rain, but on snow it hasn't done much for me. Luckily, it's easy back and forth 4A to 4H. Roads are usually salted and clean in Germany, except the...
  4. How's your F-150 holding up in the cold weather?

    Good, finally could legitimately use 4H instead of 4A.
  5. 4A vs 4H Snow driving

    None helped here in the ice slush. Slippery is slipper. Probably need winter tires + chains.
  6. Downloading Power-Up 6.8.0 Today

    I hope by the time I am back in the states my truck is not too far behind to update. Wifi updates are not working for me, despite Ford saying officially that's one way to update.
  7. Engineering Explained: Summer / All-season / Winter tires, and FWD/RWD/AWD

    Nothing beats summer in rain/wet. Nothing beats winter in <0c/snow. A/T and all season are a compromise.
  8. Warning for those using the BM-2 Bluetooth Battery Monitor

    I would not trust anything to plug in OBD or that has Bluetooth to go to a networked device. Assume it goes to China regardless. Same with home network and IoT. Block all outbound. It's one thing for a public company to "misuse" and sell data for profit, it's another when a totalitarian state...
  9. Heated Steering Wheel Retrofit - updated with information

    I wanted a base Lariat and heated steering wheel, and not be forced into 501A/502A (forgot which one). Did the swap back when parts were not so overpriced (have the temp display hw button module as well).
  10. Installing factory brake controller?

    I installed the -AA version in my 2021 and after Forscan it is recognized and works. The part number is for both the module and the buttons. I had another "controller" box that I swapped with the TBC one near the pedals. I read somewhere that a TBC is required in certain states to tow past...
  11. Powerboost or not

    I think the only downside to PB is payload hit and initial higher price. If you don't care about payload, there are also SUV options for towing. If short term is your goad, PB would be fine. Not sure for a 15-20yr PB (or any hybrid for that matter). A new car is a new car.
  12. What did you do TO your F-150 today? 🙋🏻‍♂️

    A few days ago, but upgraded battery to 850A 95Ah (H8 in the US I believe). Start/stop is back, approach lights, keyless entry, and no more System off to save battery. Had the 760A H6 in stock.
  13. 5.0L V8 Best Engine Air Filter

    OEM Motorcraft. I do change it more frequently than recommended. The annual change cabin filter is double the cost, go figure.
  14. "System Off to Save Battery" message

    Took the truck to dealer to test battery. They just said it's low, but I can buy a new battery if I wanted. 300 Euro... ended up getting a different battery for 235 Euro (still a bit pricy compared to the states). All the issues are gone, didn't wanna deal with it anymore. Larger heat shield on...
  15. Anti-Sway bars questions

    What’s the steeda or other brand part number for 4x4 crewcab shortbed with no cutting needed?
  16. Can you disable/turn off navigation

    Is there a way to turn off factory navigation or disable it? I am in Germany and there are no maps, but the GPS turns on and still tracks. I would like 1 less item to draw power if possible. Maybe a Forscan change and something non-permanent.
  17. "System Off to Save Battery" message

    I just realized I have the H6 battery (BAGM-48H6-760) on my 500A. Manual states the 5.0 can also come with H7 optional (BAGM-94RH7-800). Want the lights back, don't really care for start/stop. If I go out of pocket to upgrade, should I just get H8? Will it fit? Or get a H7? Easy as a BMS reset...
  18. EV Sales Are Not Performing As Hoped - Letter To The president

    EV's are no-go for appartment buildings and inner cities. Even in green Germany you only see them in the ritzy areas where the few privileged with parking space and garage can charge. Street parking like 80%+ of the renters here use is not setup for EV charging. Same for the states. All the...
  19. How does it act in the mountains? (not towing)

    People in Europe drive in the mountains with < 2L I4's no issues. You don't need 400hp to drive at 70mph or pass. I had no issue with my 5.0 in the Alps and windy mountain roads in Germany or the autobahn no limit. Also that 3.6 is a capable engine, if you call that slow I don't know what your...