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  1. California Rare Peerless Auto-Trac 232805 Series Snow Chains

    Auto-Trac 232805 Series 2300 Pickup Truck/SUV Snow Tire Chains. Two (2) Pair (4 chains) auto adjusting/tightening. Can be installed without moving vehicle. Never used. Fit fine on F150 stock 20x275x60 wheels but I sized up and out of these. $99 each pair or $175 for both pairs.
  2. California Genuine Ford Wire Parking Distance Aid Se ML3Z-15K867-LA

    Genuine Ford Wire Parking Distance Aid Se ML3Z-15K867-LA 15K867B - Wire Assembly Parking Distance Aid Sensor WirePart#: ML3Z15K867LA Usages: 10/12/2020, F150, 3.5L V6, Front Fog Lamps-LED, Dearborn Plant Build, With Speed Control. Taken off MY23 XLT BAP upgraded to ACC $50 OBO free pickup...
  3. California Cruise Control Switch

    Cruise Control Switch - Left installs on Steering Wheel. Lane Departure Warning System. Lane Departure Warning with Audible - Leather, Black . In like new condition. Part #: ML3Z9C888BA Usage: LH, Black, 10/12/2020 - 01/08/2024, F150, XLT Series, With Electric Power Steering, Leather Steering...
  4. California Sold: $1100 OBO 20" Gloss Black Appearance Package Wheels and Tires

    Full set of 20” Gloss Black Appearance Package (BAP) wheels with their 275x60R20 Scorpions. These were taken off MY23 F150 at 15K miles. If this add isn't marked "SOLD" they are still available, make an offer. Location is Southern Orange County California. Spare is included.
  5. Best April Fool So Far

    701-EV | Electric Vehicle Edition | Machined – – Method Race Wheels Gotta admit the Method folks are creative. See the complete line up here, FOUR-1 PRODUCT DROPS – Method Race Wheels
  6. LensunSolar Hood Solar Panel F-150 Powerboost BAP/Tremor Hood Installation

    With all the battery issues of modern vehicles with their varied thirsty loads it’s a bit surprising that nobody on this forum appeared to have tried a hood solar panel. This appears to be one solution for our F150 that are parked outside, used for boondoggling, using WAN/LAN to provide Ford...
  7. California Two Pair Red LED Rear Brake/Turn Signal

    F150 Red Rear Brake/ Turn Signal LED Bulb W/ Built in Resistor No hyperflash 2 pair Underground Lighting p/n GSC-C-4257. Were on MY'23 XLT 302A in place of OEM bulbs for about 2000 miles. $55.00 for all four.
  8. Anybody See an Electrical Problem Here?

    ...or is it just me being a little concerned? Yes the suspension mount (at negative/truck ground) doesn't move but the cable (high power) does. Anybody else's passenger side front wheel well look like my XLT does? Am I being too imaginative to believe the cable could bounce down enough and as...