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  1. California Rare Peerless Auto-Trac 232805 Series Snow Chains

    Auto-Trac 232805 Series 2300 Pickup Truck/SUV Snow Tire Chains. Two (2) Pair (4 chains) auto adjusting/tightening. Can be installed without moving vehicle. Never used. Fit fine on F150 stock 20x275x60 wheels but I sized up and out of these. $99 each pair or $175 for both pairs.
  2. California Genuine Ford Wire Parking Distance Aid Se ML3Z-15K867-LA

    Genuine Ford Wire Parking Distance Aid Se ML3Z-15K867-LA 15K867B - Wire Assembly Parking Distance Aid Sensor WirePart#: ML3Z15K867LA Usages: 10/12/2020, F150, 3.5L V6, Front Fog Lamps-LED, Dearborn Plant Build, With Speed Control. Taken off MY23 XLT BAP upgraded to ACC $50 OBO free pickup...
  3. California Cruise Control Switch

    Cruise Control Switch - Left installs on Steering Wheel. Lane Departure Warning System. Lane Departure Warning with Audible - Leather, Black . In like new condition. Part #: ML3Z9C888BA Usage: LH, Black, 10/12/2020 - 01/08/2024, F150, XLT Series, With Electric Power Steering, Leather Steering...
  4. I'm DONE with OTA updates !

    I certainly understand your frustration as I work in IT. PCs, MacBooks, Linux, Android, etc. are under constant updates mainly due to malware mitigation and security. It's difficult to explain to users how important maintenance updates are.
  5. Does anyone know if the active motion massage seats can be added after purchase or if they will be a retro fit from ford at a latter date

    Thanks JJ, but have a bunch of parts on order to build a heated/cooled Raptor front seats, long story, but yes I might have gone that route if I could have realized the deal sooner. Anyway, I still am curious if I will need a new harness and if it is the same as the one on Lariats for what I am...
  6. New tire size - Forscan Speedo advice? (Not a how do I do it thread...)

    If you use the AsBuilt Tire Calculator 2nd method you can really hone in. PS, I added about 20# per wheel, that's sluggish and enough to cause me to have to PCM reset.
  7. Stopping Tailgate Bounce

    Sure as long as you can still open a beer from the other one. :)
  8. Lift Options for 3.0L Powerstroke & Blue Cruise Compatibility?

    @motivology , Puck It :) check out What did you do TO your F-150 today? 🙋🏻‍♂️ | Page 393 | F150gen14 -- 2021+ Ford F-150, Tremor, Raptor Forum (14th Gen) | News, Owners, Community, Discussions post 5885 34" no issues. I too a tow oriented.
  9. Ford OEM power running boards install a plug-n-play?

    Hey @Jesse-Infotainment , Do you happen to have the p/n for the seat harness, or are they the same as the ones on the MCS Thread? Also, any chance I can talk you into making me a harness for the PRB?
  10. Adding Co-Pilot Assist 2.0 with Forscan?

    I used ML3Z9E731G that includes bracket but it appears from below if you have the bracket yes that is the sensor.
  11. Brake trailer module fault

    If misery loves company know that I am so trying to ring this little annoyance out of an otherwise perfect vehicle.
  12. Cannot connect Forscan to 2024 F150

    Is that @Snakebitten ? Shocking! I was afraid he might have been standing in a puddle when he touched his new whip. :crackup:
  13. NFG

    Picture or it ain’t true :)
  14. Ford OEM power running boards install a plug-n-play?

    @HammaMan might have a DSM for me, but I might need those AsBuilts. If you don't mind PM them to me please. I kindof want to see what all is there ahead of time anyway.
  15. Adding Co-Pilot Assist 2.0 with Forscan?

    Oakstone, Do your backups of AsBuilt, not Easy Mode. I suggest take a moment and get all of them, not just what will be changing. Also, get the total file from the Motocraft site. And if really curious, get a program called AsBuilt Explorer and start looking at the files vs. the spreadsheet...
  16. Ford OEM power running boards install a plug-n-play?

    @superfordman , I do not have a DSM. So, I am now focused on trying to retrofit my 302A BAP seats to add cooling (and a DSM) . I think I have an idea of what parts I need except for the harnesses, especially on the truck side of the seats. Any tips/thoughts are appreciated. Also, I am not...
  17. Heated Steering Wheel Retrofit - updated with information

    EDIT: I believe I have found one. Does anyone have an HVAC with heated and cooled buttons but not the HSW button, a take-off from doing the HSW modification perhaps, that they no longer need. I am adding cooled seats to my 302A and could optionally use one at a great price :)
  18. Does anyone know if the active motion massage seats can be added after purchase or if they will be a retro fit from ford at a latter date

    Does anyone have their factory Lariat heated/cooled seat harness they no longer need? I am looking to convert 302A BAP seats to Lariat heated/cooled and then add PRB. TIA