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  1. Issue with digital dash

    Hey everyone i have a 22 xlt302. I got the dealer to install the full digital dash and projector head lights for me. Not sure if they tried to unloaded a lariat profile to my truck or some thing but I have a power running board fault and a head lamp fault. And not sure how to get rid of these...
  2. 8” cluster to 12” cluster swap

    Ok so i plugged my old cluster back in I went to the ipc I saved it named it so I know what it was. Then plugged the new cluster in I went to load all I clicked the one I saved. And a messaged came up saying number of blocks in file and module doesn’t match up function complete but not all data...
  3. 8” cluster to 12” cluster swap

    Thank you so when i have done this is grave me a message some thing along the lines of this does not match. I went ahead with it any ways and now it says it’s executing service procedure but it’s been stuck on this for about 10 minutes can I cancel this and try again? Or will some thing get...
  4. 8” cluster to 12” cluster swap

    Hey sorry when you say save ipc info. You mean as built? Or is there some thing els that im saving?
  5. 8” cluster to 12” cluster swap

    Fair enough. I so it’s the ipc that I would need to save thank you. And then is their sole sort of programming that I would need to do for the new cluster because I have two faults that come up every time I start the truck I have one that says power running board fault and one about the head...
  6. 8” cluster to 12” cluster swap

    To late I already have it and installed I got the dealer to do it. But I guess they never saved my old cluster data to up load on the new one
  7. 8” cluster to 12” cluster swap

    No I didn’t save it I got the dealer to do it so I’ll have to put my old cluster back in to save it? And then up load it when I put the new cluster back in?
  8. 8” cluster to 12” cluster swap

    Hey I just did the 12” digital cluster Swap. Do you have a video showing how to program that dash? It can help me get my dash programmed with mileage and hours. It would be much appreciate.
  9. Ford OEM power running boards install a plug-n-play?

    That is steep I’m pretty interested though. I’m trying trying to figure out where I get these harness if they need to be make custom or if there’s a pet number for it
  10. Ford OEM power running boards install a plug-n-play?

    The harness that are needed did you get from ford or are these some thing that have to be made. I would like to add these on my 22 xlt 302.
  11. Turn Signal Cameras???

    That’s pretty insane I had no idea about this lol
  12. Turn Signal Cameras???

    Wow didn’t know you can do that I. Going to look that up you keep the computer plugged in while your driving?
  13. Turn Signal Cameras???

    I guess I’ll wait for 7.0 I’m still waiting for 6.8 hopefully in another week or so I just got 6.5 last week
  14. Turn Signal Cameras???

    Ah I see I may just wait. If it will eventually come ota. But what thread is that. I’m going to be installing the projector head lights soon and was looking to do the glare free changes. But will that ipma make it worse or better?
  15. Turn Signal Cameras???

    Lmfao i guess I’ll have to get use to that 😄. But still I’m going to try and see if I can update it any ways. I have to bring there any ways for them to do some other things Ill mention it to them hopefully they can lol
  16. Turn Signal Cameras???

    Interesting thanks for that information I’m going to see what they can do because actually some times my remote start won’t work on my key fob. When I try it. The light. On the key fob flashes read maybe it’s a bad battery ;) lmao i appreciate that! Did you do your forscan changes prior to? Did...