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  1. 12" Screen Protector and Polarized Glasses

    No worries or rush. I feel your pain. Took 7 months to get my 21.
  2. 12" Screen Protector and Polarized Glasses

    Lots of options here. Thanks everyone. I didn’t realize the Spigen was a matte finish too. I try to be super careful with my screen, but noticed a few super fine scratches in it with the sun hitting it directly. Figured I’d cover it before it gets any worse. I like the easy removal of a...
  3. 12" Screen Protector and Polarized Glasses

    Thanks. Do you wear polarized glasses with this one? I’m leaning towards glass. Not sure about the matte look.
  4. 12" Screen Protector and Polarized Glasses

    I just installed a glass screen protector from Amazon, and I'm finding issues with my polarized sunglasses on. They mess with the screen image, especially if you tilt your head at all. Pic looks worse than in real life for some reason, but it shows the effect. Looks great without sunglasses on...
  5. Ontario car insurance?

    Mine went up to $1400 this year with Desjardins. Pretty sure it was around $1100 last year. They're telling me prices have gone up 30% in a lot of cases this year. I have the multi-car and house discounts too. Getting crazy.
  6. Noco Genius Users - Pulsing Green

    That light will stay solid green after a while. Have the same charger. I was under the impression that the last 25 percent just takes a while. It’s taken overnight for me a few times to stay solid.
  7. Welders please school me, is flux welding a few tacks on a crossmember ok?

    I'd avoid it, personally. You'd need to clear some paint off for the ground cable too. Not worth exposing more bare material than you have to, especially if you have other options.
  8. 2021 Owners - What is your OTA Version?

    Mine's a Job 2 '21, and I'm at 4.2.4. Nothing since October for me as well.
  9. Goodbye Hankook - hello Continential TerrainContact™ A/T Tires

    Nice looking tires. Curious to see if you notice any difference in mileage. I'll be looking for something later this year to replace mine as well.
  10. ECU module programming guide using FDRS

    Thanks for that info. Hopefully Ford engineering knows that for when they finally get in touch with my dealer.
  11. ECU module programming guide using FDRS

    Thanks for the response (again)! Interesting. I forgot to mention that I had it in back in early January, and they said they got the wrong part # module in, so they had to order another one which they got in a couple weeks ago. Looks like the same issue they described to me the first time...
  12. ECU module programming guide using FDRS

    Question for you programming experts. My truck has been at the dealer for 2 weeks now getting the DSP module replaced (I had a popping sound when starting the truck). They tried to update my original DSP module back in October and failed, so a new one was ordered. They can't get the new one...
  13. Rear camera button stopped working

    Frustrating story. My dealer won't fix it now that I've gone over my mileage and am out of bumper to bumper warranty. I brought the issue up before I was out of warranty, but since the TSB is dated after my warranty ran out, they won't do it for me unless I pay $180. I called customer care, and...
  14. Improving garage door opener signal?

    Have you got LED bulbs in your opener? I had an issue with this a few years ago. Some cause interference. They now have "garage door opener safe" LED bulbs. I had the same issues you describe, and fixed it by changing back to incandescent bulbs. Sounds crazy, but it's a thing.
  15. Rear camera button stopped working

    I found a TSB for this issue from Dec. 12th. It mentions "vehicles equipped with minor feature code J3KAB". Does anyone know what that means? Want to know what this is before I share this with my dealer. Mine's a pretty loaded 502A, so I assume this will apply, but want to be sure. Had my...
  16. Rear camera button stopped working

    Mine’s the same. Lost the button when the OM update came out a few months ago. Never got the APIM update that was supposed to come out in November and fix it.
  17. Request VIN Lookup Thread

    Thank you! I plan to ask them to update the APIM once my new DSP module shows up (backordered) if I don't get an update before then. I'd really like to get that camera button back!
  18. Request VIN Lookup Thread

    Hi, would you mind please looking up my VIN again? 1FTFW1E53MKE02298 You had checked for me back in late September and told me that my dealer didn't update my DSP module as they had said. Since then, I brought the truck back in, and I'm waiting for a new DSP module now. After they had it, I...
  19. Passenger window module requires frequent recalibration

    Here it is.... https://www.f150gen14.com/forum/threads/one-touch-up-on-drivers-window-not-working.20653/
  20. Passenger window module requires frequent recalibration

    That doesn't sound normal at all. I seem to recall a TSB for the driver's window on here some time ago for a similar problem. Can't recall if it was a reprogram of something or a replacement though. Turning off updates is a ridiculous solution from them.