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  1. Latest FordPass update issues (3.19.0)

    Since updating to this latest version of FP a couple of days ago: I no longer have the map or vehicle location functions available. I checked the privacy settings on my iPhone and the location services are on and set correctly. Anyone else having this issue?
  2. MPG data points

    Here’s a snapshot of what I’m getting so far from my 2.7 with the 3.73 ELA. XLT 302A, FX4, Screw. Winter temperatures and 80 MPH on the highway. Nothing really new here. Just wanted to share
  3. Lack of fender flares and the first dent

    I haven’t had my truck a month yet and I have my first ding. Happened in a parking lot by an errant shopping cart. The cart hit the passenger side front wheel well lip. It’s not bad, but annoying nonetheless. I have quickly realized that the lack of factory fender flares on the 2021 as a...
  4. What is this?

    This was on the floor in the rear of my truck when I took delivery. I know it’s something for trailering, but over two weeks later I have no idea exactly what it’s for. Some kind of yaw detector?
  5. More details on 2021 F-150 delay due to Max Tow option

    An interesting read for those that ordered the Max Tow option. https://tfltruck.com/2020/12/news-these-2021-ford-f-150-trucks-have-a-3-4-floating-axle-it-may-be-delaying-your-truck/ News: These 2021 Ford F-150 Trucks Have a 3/4-Floating Axle & It May Be Delaying Your Truck December 14, 2020...