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  1. Finally put eyes on our long awaited XLT

    Went to check out and test drive the XLT today. It finally arrived at the dealer Wednesday 4/10 after a long wait. Avalanche, 5.0, 2WD. It hasn't been detailed yet, just initial check. Will sign the papers on Monday. I did confirm with the dealer that at least the 2024 5.0 is NO longer flex...
  2. Activating vehicle in Ford Pass question.

    I've attempted to add the vin to Ford Pass of my ordered F150 previously and came back not found. Today I added my vin and it shows found and ask me to activate FORDPASS CONNECT. Question is, is there any reason I should not activate now, since I do not have possession, or even know where it's...
  3. Convoy shipping question.

    Out of curiosity. My window sticker states convoy as opposed to rail from KC, Mo. to Michigan. My dealer is in a small town. Does anyone know if it will be transported to Mich by truck and then off loaded to a lot to wait for another carrier to deliver to my dealer, similar to how it would work...
  4. Article: Ford 2024 F-150 production shutdown in January temporarily laid off 9,700 UAW workers

    Just came across this article: https://www.yahoo.com/finance/news/ford-2024-f-150-production-150059142.html
  5. 2024's hitting dealer lots

    I see today that one dealer in the Flint Michigan Flushing area, is showing on their web site that they have a limited amount of 2024 STX and XLT's on their lot with more in transit. At least it's a start.
  6. Avoiding subscription service renewal notifications?

    I have a 24 XLT on order, to be built at the end of January. I know many of the bells and whistles are only temporarily free subscription services, such as XM radio, ATT wireless WIFI, Ford navigation services, etc. I have no intention of getting a subscription to or using XM radio, or WIFI and...