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  1. Heated Steering Wheel Retrofit - updated with information

    If you are still looking I have mine, feel free to PM me.
  2. How often do you reboot Sync4?

    I have consistent issues if I use wireless carplay and get out of the truck for a short period of time, such as running into wawa for a drink, or filling up the gas tank. When I get back in music will be playing I have no audio unless I force restart sync. I have tried rebooting the phone and it...
  3. Any good experiences from PowerBoost owners

    I have had my powerboost 3 months so far and no issues with the drive train at all, I had one minor panel fitment issue from the factory not all related to the drive train and ended up with a bunch more issues all of which were the result of the tech working on the truck being careless. I pulled...
  4. 6.5.0 update failed Manifest Mismatch

    I had the same failure, it also failed in FDRS when I was updating everything else there, there may be some other options to get everything going within FDRS but the standard update procedure does not work and fails with the same manifest mismatch. Last weekend a member on here made some...
  5. 2024 5G modem for 21-23 trucks

    Imagine it's going to be a bit before anyone knows for sure since the 24's aren't really available yet except for a select few that seem to have trickled out if rumors are true. I would like to know as well though as depending on cost would be interested in doing the swap.
  6. Ford ESP Extended Service Plan offered @ dealer cost (by Granger Ford - February only special)!

    It might have slipped through the cracks and may be worth reaching out again, I emailed them on Friday afternoon, heard back on Tuesday and after some brief back and forth paid for the plan the same day. Edit: The email I used was [email protected] incase you sent it...
  7. 2024 F-150 No Scheduling This Week (2/22/24)

    The way I read it is as long as you ordered the two haul package your order will convert with the scales but definitely worth verifying with your dealer.
  8. Differences 21 f150 vs 23 f150

    forscan.org It's an app you can use to customize a ton of settings on your truck including the temperature of your wheel. You will need a cable to connect to your truck from the laptop you run the app one, the one most recommended is about $70 on amazon, but there is a cheaper option people...
  9. ECU module programming guide using FDRS

    Anyone have any ideas on how I can get my SCCM updated? I tried updating it on 2/2 through FDRS while I had complimentary access via a bug in 39.6.2 and it failed due to a manifest issue (all of the other modules I ran updated fine) at the time I didn't really have a chance to dive in any...
  10. Anti-Theft Idea from Facebook

    I imagine you could do some type of inline switch on the wires connected to the ignition/push button that needs to be "on" for it work as normal, could be a hidden switch somewhere, something you push (like the horn) that is momentary contact etc. You would obviously need to find the right...
  11. Differences 21 f150 vs 23 f150

    I can double check later today but I am pretty sure I ended up only a degree or two higher than the default whatever that ends up being temp wise. When you say you don't feel it anywhere do you mean at all or just very weak and the bump didn't make a difference? If you don't feel it at all it...
  12. Differences 21 f150 vs 23 f150

    I found the default temp lacking and very uneven across the wheel, I upped the temp using forscan and it is a night and day difference in usefulness. I would recommend you give that a shot and see if you are any happier with it.
  13. Ford removing Park Assist from all vehicles

    Aren't they still used when parking for proximity detection? I don't have park assist but I have the sensors and they detect objects at low speeds and the screen indicates which sensor is picking up the object etc. or are you referring to just the two extras at the front and back?
  14. Ford removing Park Assist from all vehicles

    Way back when the 2011 Explorers first came out I test drove one and the salesman had me demo the park assist to show me the cool new tech that was going to change the world in an area that had almost street level curbs. It then proceeded to sideswipe a telephone pole at the edge of the sidewalk...
  15. What to upgrade on BO Unleashed?

    The biggest upgrade I made was ditching sirius/fm for high quality streaming. I am sure the system sounds way better with upgraded components but I am not audiophile and for me just using a streaming app was a big enough upgrade to not invest more money into it. When I first got the truck I...
  16. Aftermarket steering wheel install with heat, paddle shifters, and LED display

    My particular truck was NOT wired for paddle shifters, I considered going with a raptor wheel but decided not to because of the extra hassle of running wires to the console and added cost. If your truck has a column shifter and it's not wired it should be a really short run to wire it up.
  17. Power-Up and Priority OTA History Thread (F-150, Lightning, Mach-E)

    I don't have a ton of time on it yet but in 1400~ miles I have never had it happen, only twice has carplay flaked out in any capacity, it entirely disconnected and reconnected but both happened on the same 30~ minute drive and never before or since.
  18. Rad truck straps for bed

    Yeah, I def think you would need two bolts because of the the way they mount you would have a lot of tension wanting to bend them away from the plate, but it looks like the backside has enough meat you could drill a hole at the other end and add a second bolt.
  19. Rad truck straps for bed

    I have been looking at these but I am cheap so I was considering just buying these straps from amazon. You don't get the interface plates so you would need to mount them to your existing plates or buy a new set from Ford PN FL3Z9928408AB or a knockoff from amazon
  20. Update: 2024 F-150 Job 1 Production Begins 12/18/23. Now Scheduling for Production Week 1/29/24.

    My guess is they keep the process fairly obscure on purpose to temper expectations a little and allow wiggle room for delays. With the volume of vehicles they build it would upset a lot people even more if they could see every little step and throw tantrums if their truck was scheduled for...