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  1. F150 Tremor Bug/Hood Protector/Deflector Still Not Available?

    Yup. STILL not available. From anyone. 😠
  2. About to Join the Tremor Club

    Welcome to the F-150 Tremor club. You won't look back.
  3. New battery; H7 or H8?

    Interesting post just showed up here on the F150Gen14 site: https://www.f150gen14.com/forum/threads/lithium-batteries.23260/ When I made my comment (above) I was only addressing the battery. This F150 thread discusses issues on the truck side, re: lithium batteries (which may be substantial and...
  4. New battery; H7 or H8?

    Unless you're willing to siphon off some of the lithium battery's potential to keep it heated most lithium batteries BMS chip/circuit really curtail activity as temps approach freezing. They're the residential heat pumps of the battery world when it comes to cold weather work. (I know this b/c...
  5. Purchasing Used - Dealer Won't Provide Maintenance History

    Though I still wouldn't do the deal. I'd only offer a down payment to see what the response is. B/c - as described by OP - something ain't right.
  6. Warning for those using the BM-2 Bluetooth Battery Monitor

    I have the Ancel BM300 in all my vehicles. Xmit distance is very short; 10 feet at most. All use the "Ancel Battery Monitor" app which is just a reskinned version of the one @Snakebitten uses. On a old phone that is in Airplane Mode except for Bluetooth (i.e., no SIM, no WiFi) and location disabled.
  7. Warning for those using the BM-2 Bluetooth Battery Monitor

    I think you miss the point of the "benefits" (to them) these corporate and nation-state data hoovers gain from large-scale data aggregation.
  8. Powder coat or new wheels?

    Hubcaphaven is my go-to for this type of upgrade. Then, if not on HCH, then over to TireRack.
  9. Defective Truck 120+ Days In Service Department

    Having had this happen to me ^^^ THIS ^^^ is what immediately occurred to me.
  10. New Final Rule – EPA Emissions Standards for MY 2027 and Later LD/MD Vehicles

    Being a bureaucrat means you can spend whatever you want and force others to spend whatever you want b/c you have have the coercive power of the government behind you, assume zero risk, have zero liability, and - for you - zero cost. Maybe didn't FIFY, but that sums it up for me!
  11. How to make Stowable Shifter fold down automatically?

    I agree; the stowable shifter feels cheap so I don't use it much. If it wasn't so suspect I'd be using the work surface a whole lot more than I do. But it would be cool if there was an option to stowaway at shutdown (and pop up at start) if it were better made. (I have the same "cheapness"...
  12. Looking for a bug deflector

    AVS (Aeroskin, etc.) keeps telling me "it's 6 months down the road." I'm now into my 3rd 6-month cycle. Time to go PPF, I guess.
  13. Bed Cap Install & Wiring Issues

    That's all it is; two wires for the CHMSL and two for the auto lock/unlock. Reharding the latter, see posts 23 and 26 above in this thread for the best place to tap into. I ran both sets of wires from the topper along the frame (actually in the frame after wrapping them in wire loom). Exited...
  14. Directions For Oil Change

    Appreciate the feedback @RcFlyer330, @Gros Ventre, and @JExpedition07! Skid plates are nice, but they do make for quick location and orientation a bit more difficult. Especially for this broken down old codger.... Anyway, confirmed the truck has a metal plug and metal pan; ordered the ValvoMax...
  15. Directions For Oil Change

    Thanks for the feedback. I asked b/c the internet abounds with questions. Certainly seems the 2.7 is solely plastic plug, but others are saying the 3.5 (what I have) probably (since 2015 or so) has the plastic plug, and that the 5.0 doesn't. But no one seems to be sure. Thought it would be a...
  16. Directions For Oil Change

    Bumping an older thread.... So both Fumoto and Valvomax talk about a new plastic corkscrew oil plug (which they don't offer a product for). Haven't been under the truck yet to remove the skid plate on my 23 3.5EB Tremor so not sure what to expect (low mileage driver and it's now finally time to...
  17. Thank you Ford!

    What a great story. Can a retired Army guy like me say, "Oo-rah!" in support of this Marine? If no, then "Who-ah!" (TBH, my blood boiled to be reminded of the cluster-eff that was the Afghanistan "pull-out." While I can hope that one day we will have leaders who actually value the lives of the...
  18. Electric Fridge in F150?

    I have the Whynter 45l (FM-45G) fridge/freezer and it runs right out of a 12v receptacle. Using a 600w power station it can go for at least a day. Never have to touch my 2kw outlet in the bed. Has a 110v adapter, if needed. Bought the first one in mid-2022 for $325 (Amazon Warehouse), the second...
  19. 5.0 engine unavailable to KingRanch and Platnium 2024

    Gotta figure out how to get cost savings if Farley wants to meet his new UAW payroll obligations. Fain laughs while we grimace. Yup, the antithesis of win-win.
  20. OBDLink MX+ Usage Preference

    1. Out of curiosity, do "you" use a separate OBDLink MX+ in each of your vehicles or move a single device to each vehicle as needed? 2. If multiple devices, one phone/tablet? Or one for one? I'm thinking one device per vehicle and one device per tablet/phone.