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  1. Rough idle from the ICE when cold

    Same here with my 21 Platty 16,000 miles on it
  2. Interior lights not turning on after sitting for a few days on trickle charger

    Yes, I had the same issue with my 21 Platty EB. Even though I had mine on a trickle charger , it would go into a low power state. My interior lights stay off until I drove the truck for awhile. I also couldn’t remote start my truck from the Ford Pass app
  3. New 2024 KR powerboost Stop safely now

    I have a 21 Platty EB. no issues except for an occasional glitch from Sync 4. I’m going to keep my truck for a few more years. I was toying with the idea of trading in my 21 for a 24., but I’m keeping my 21 .
  4. Any good experiences from PowerBoost owners

    Hi I have a 21 F150 Platty. My truck does not have a PB. I have the 3.5 EB. When I ordered my truck in March 2021. the dealer discouraged me from getting it because I only drive less than 2 miles a day. I do use my truck for longer trips about 3 times a month. I know the tech must of improved...
  5. Is it safe and prudent to drive 1400 miles with a new truck.

    I got my 2021 Platty in August 2021 and took it in a 1000 Mike trip. I took it easy for the first 250 miles. My truck is still running extremely well.
  6. Reverse braking not available

    hsd the same issue, open and close tailgate, that worked for me
  7. Ford removing Park Assist from all vehicles

    I drive my 22 Platty into Boston and have to get into tight spots. I use the park assist only in the city. I like this feature and use it . The cars behind just have to wait for the park assist to complete. Takes less than a minute.
  8. In the Shop for over two months without resolution. Seriously considering pursuing Lemon Law claim..

    I had an issue with my 21 Platty EB, needed an APIM replacement. They had my truck for a week. They installed the software for BlueCruise and works well, no issues. Waiting on BlueCruise 1.2, with new features. I was told the update will not be released until the summer for the 21 F150 models .
  9. 2021 - 2023 Reliability?

    I have a 21 Platty EB, with 15,000 miles , only issue is with Sync 4 , screen freezes. No fix from Ford in car technology. This started from the last OTA update. It’s annoy but easily fixed by resetting. I haven’t got any OTA updates after I complained
  10. Multiple issues with Sync4 2023 F150

    I have a 21 Platty EB with the same issue , freezing screen or black screen. I was told my Ford customer service, an update should be coming to deal with this issue. Nobody knows when. I use the steering wheel to reset the screen. Hold the right most lower button and left most lower button until...
  11. Forward Sensing system

    My 21 Platty front sensors activate the 360 camera when close to sn object
  12. Remote Features Disabled Question

    I had the same issue , battery was replaced, issue resolved
  13. 2021 Platinum CarPlay causing glitching

    I had a similar issue , and at times I use the. Cord w no issues I still use the CarPlay wirelessly too. Your sync 4 software may need an update
  14. New to me 2021 F-150 Lariat odometer issues - help?

    The dealer can use a scan tool and read the ECM for the exact mileage. If the ECM and the odometer are equal , there may be another issue. Does the vehicle have the factory tires? The other problem which you are aware of is the vehicle probably has a lot more mileage on it.. Good luck
  15. Intelligent Oil Life Monitor

    I was told by my service advisor that with any turbo charged engine the oil should be changed every 6 months or 5000 miles regardless what the oil minder says .This will extend the life of my 21 EB Platinum.
  16. Afraid To Buy Today’s Ford (Powerboost) Am I Nuts?

    I have had many F150’s, my 2018 Limited was a great vehicle, didn’t like the 22’s on it. Tires had great handling, but only got 20, 000 miles on them. I purchased a 21 Platinum. EB A lot of technology . Besides the recalls , I only have 1 issue with the truck , NAV occasionally freezes. This...
  17. Power running board issue

    It’s probably have a bad proximity sensor. Try changing the settings for the running boards on the Sync screen..
  18. Alexa disappeared - anyone else

    Check to make sure the connected services are working “up & diwn arrows on top right side on infotainment screen. If you are not sure call Ford Pass.
  19. 2024 Lariat Uncamouflaged

    I like my 21 Patty, on the 2024 they got rid of the chrome plate on the tailgate. They added Platinum letters to the hood.