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  1. Modifying front seats to recline lower - like max recline?

    Per the title. Would anyone know how to do this? The depth on the recline for the seats is just simply not enough. Sometimes on long-hauls I need to take a gas station nap and the seats just don't go back far enough for me. I found a lightning thread where a guy modified his to go back...
  2. Missouri Iridium Roush F150 Rims

    Looking to buy Iridium Roush F150 rims for 2023 F150. With or without rubber.
  3. Worth it to upgrade to 2023 Lariat high?

    I currently have a 2021 platinum in black. Never really loved it over my blue 2015. A dealer is offering me a new 2023 f150 with 502a for 64,500 in Atlas Blue Metallic (miss my blue truck). About 10k off of msrp. With the 1.9% financing. Is it an upgrade? Will I miss anything on the platinum...
  4. Remembering Drive Mode on Startup

    I thought I read this somewhere but now I can’t find it. Is there anyway to force the truck to remember the mode it was in after shutdown and restart? Sometimes I would like the truck to STAY in eco mode or sport mode.
  5. Power not working on either 400w outlet

    I like to super charge my phone with the plug in outlet. Today, I noticed it wasn’t charging and the light on both front and back outlets is blinking. Is this a known issue? Anyone have problems with this? This is the buggiest vehicle I’ve ever owned. Constant gremlins like this.
  6. Not finding modules in Forscan

    Hello Fellas, Was wondering if anyone has experienced this. I'm trying to do a couple of the most common changes (like double honk) with Forscan but every time I connect, I only get a handful of recognized modules and none of the ones I actually need. Do you all have any suggestions? Also, I...
  7. 2021 Black Platinum Rim Options + Trade

    Hello Folks, Wonder if anyone has any recommendations for rim options on my 21 F150 Platinum? I have never liked the look of these rims and am ready to try something different. I drive a ton of road miles too and I don't like lifted trucks or mud tires, much prefer road tires. My truck is also...
  8. 5.5' bed leaking badly after tri-fold install, missing piece??

    Hello Folks, Was wondering if you all could help me. I bought an almost new Ford branded tri-fold from a gentleman the other day for my '21 F-150 Platinum. However, I noticed when I was installing it that there was a large gap in between the very front portion of the bed and in between the cab...
  9. Can a 2kw Pro Power inverter be added aftermarket?

    I searched and searched for a truck for almost a year. One of the options that I wanted was the Pro Power 2KW for tailgates and camping. However, I ended up buying one that didn't include it. I was curious if this could be added? Is it as simple as reinstalling the inverter? Would the wiring...
  10. New Cleats/Buckles for Ford Branded tri-fold topper

    Hello Folks, I have one of the ford branded tri-folds and need to replace the hold down buckles that always break. Does anyone know where I can buy this replacement part? Or is it a "ford" part? I swear it looks identical to the Bakflip I had on my last truck.
  11. Forscan programmer in Kansas City?

    Hello Folks, I'm looking for someone around Kansas City that can eliminate the auto-start/stop and double horn honk on my 2021 F-150? Is there anyone around here that can do that? Or someone that you would recommend? Thank you so much in advance! Kindly, Andy