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  1. '22 Google Maps in Cluster

    You probably could. 720-05-01 XXXX 01XX XXxx You may have to XX1X 01XX XXxx
  2. How To Install Factory 360 Camera System

    You will not be able to update the IPMA in FDRS. FOrd has locked down their servers. used to be after an interrogator was run it would absorb the new module info if not the first time usually after a few times. They have changed it to now that no matter what the module data will not update...
  3. Priority update - Audio 23-PU1024-6CHAUD-Now low volume, poor audio quality, no bass response

    This update is not reflecting in fords servers. SO meaning after the update and the interrogator runs it dos not update the version of the DSP in fords server.. it still shows the old version you were on. I think the issue for the people that got the Update is due to the way the update was...
  4. Ford OEM power running boards install a plug-n-play?

    One day.. whenever the company im at decides to get the harnesses here.. we will have a harness jsut for the trims that do not have the DSM I made a harness for it I dont know why we havent gotten the samples at least yet.. I can.. I have no idea where our harnesses are.. I made samples for the...
  5. Blue cruise module programming.

    Yes.. this is the vin I had found. SO WHAT I mentioned above does apply
  6. Blue cruise module programming.

    I don’t know. I searched your posts and found a vin what is the current vin.
  7. Blue cruise module programming.

    Yes. You can try the dealer first.. I never say never.. but if they cant I would prepare yourself for that route
  8. Blue cruise module programming.

    You will havea hard time getting a dealer to succeed. Your Issue is IPC software. Back when they tried before they never did the second half of the IPC update.. and Ford for whatever reason pulls the second half. You are still needing several updates along with the IPC. IPMA, CMR,CCM,PSCM
  9. ECU module programming guide using FDRS

    P160A isnt the code anyone had. Thats why I was confused. The reason for the roll back was a Brake light and a Voltage code in the ABS module
  10. ECU module programming guide using FDRS

    IM not sure I understand? Did I say not to do that or something?
  11. ECU module programming guide using FDRS

    On this whole thing. I havent ever had it work for me. I bought all the recommended ethernet adapters.. Tried and it would never work for me. SO I don't have anything to add that would be any help
  12. Rear Intelligent Door Handles?

    All you can do is try.. I said I may try.. but I havent had time. I have two handles. Painted and ready.. Possible you could get by tapping into the front handle circuit.. Not sure. As far as an offical way.. no there is nothign Ive found
  13. Need help!

    I’ve seen the door modules stick around after the update.. if it flashed I would worry about it.. the hvac same I have seen it sro clear around aslo
  14. Adaptive Cruise Control behavior

    Yeah I didnt even know this.. I constantly wonder this. There is no requirement for it. I was watching a video on youtube and a guy had a KIA I think and they dont come on. He was talking about how unsafe it is.
  15. Need help!

    Yeah if it gets stuck on configuration just close out fdrs.. it’s fine.. It’s fine nothing is wrong. Happens to everyone just about.
  16. Need help!

    THe PMI will take the same amount of time the Update would. 1.5 - 3 hours no need for the alignment or calibrations
  17. HUD Retrofit to earlier models (21-23) possible?

    No/. it isnt possible to use the factory HUD Dash is different between trucks with HUD and without. The truck without HUD use the dash the 21-23 has and the trucks with HUD use the newer dash siilar to the SUperDUty I cant even retro it in my SuperDuty without changing the dash