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  1. Issue with digital dash

    Hey everyone i have a 22 xlt302. I got the dealer to install the full digital dash and projector head lights for me. Not sure if they tried to unloaded a lariat profile to my truck or some thing but I have a power running board fault and a head lamp fault. And not sure how to get rid of these...
  2. Upfitter over head console

    Does any one know if the 2023 super duty upfitter over head console fits in the 14th gen f150? I want to use the boosted grey goose up fitting harness but don’t want the black raptor over head console. Because my truck has the grey head liner.
  3. Adding propower a XLT that only has the 400 watt inverter?

    Is it possible to add pro power to a xlt that only has the 400 watt inverter. And how pricey will it be compared to getting it from the factory. I couldn’t find a truck that had that with all the other options I wanted and it would really come in handy for me on the job site
  4. 360 camera

    hey I noticed that the f150 xl come with 360 camera as an option but they don’t have the 12” display screen they use the 8” is there a ways to get 360 camera to work with out also up grading your display to 12”?