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  1. Sticks in 3rd gears sometimes

    22 platinum. My truck is sometimes sticking in 3rd gear until it reves to 5k. Other times it skips 2nd. Is that usually resolved with a update?
  2. $25 FDRS access?

    I had a link where I was able to buy a FDRS license buy I lost it. Anyone know?
  3. Auto start stop not working

    With a update yesterday to sync 1049 my truck engine is not going in start stop mode. It's running all the time. At parked idle it's still running.
  4. What Bluecruise version am I on?

    How can I find the blucruse version I am on? I received a update yesterday but my update screen won't show the current version
  5. Got update last night

    Got some update last night. Now my details screen doesn't show what software version I'm on now .
  6. Speedometer settings changed?

    Somehow my speedometer has changed. There is no individual speed limits showing. Where did they go?
  7. Android auto maps missing.

    No update or changes. Today my Google maps are missing. Maps are working on my s21ultra but no maps on my android auto. I deleted and reinstalled maps and android auto. My phone is connected to my truck. I have full control of android auto apps. Did something change?
  8. Brake trailer module fault

    Today I started getting trailer brake module failure. My turn signal blinkers are flashing fast like I have a bulb out. Left or right. Outside my blinkers are working and flashing normal. I don't have a trailer connected. I have picked up on a few old discussions but Noone bothers to...
  9. 12v trigger for aftermarket amps.

    I replaced the factory Unleashed amps with JL Audiio equipment. My car amp installer used a 12v trigger from the sync4 back to the pac audio, 8 channel Amp and mono sub Amp. Today when I picked up my truck from dealer I have no audio. Have 12v to amps But I don't have 12v trigger voltage...
  10. Thoughts on BC 1.3?

    With BC1.3 around the corner does anyone have thoughts about what it might bring compared to 1.2? 1.2 is a disappointment with all the naggs and constant disconnects. I seriously looked into openpilot. While it does provide better over the road performance there are certain safety things...
  11. Rumors about encryption

    I'm deleting this thread. If I had looked better my comments would have been answered.
  12. Service tech's reactions to silent dtc when caused by modification

    I sending my truck in for the heat exchanger issue. I know for a fact that I have a couple silent dtc that are caused by modifications I have made. Has anyone had problems getting service when the dtc show up on the scan? One thing I had modified was swapping out a ipma from a different...
  13. FordPass really slow

    It's that time of year. I need to remote start. It's taking a really long time to get confirmation that the truck started. About 1 min. I'm spoiled. My 2016 has drone mobile. It takes about 10 seconds. AND it keeps the truck running 45 min. It does that by restarting 2 additional...
  14. Fdrs and mongoose equivalent for 2016 ecoboost

    I have several f150's. One is a 2022 platinum. For factory level service I use fdrs and a mongoose cable. On my 2016 and 2011 what is the factory service equivalent? I have used forscan but it's limited even on the 2022 compared to fdrs.
  15. I got a mess again.

    I was trying to update the apim. I'm getting service vehicle soon System shift fault l Now the truck won't start. Says I need to shift to park to start. Service Advanced track Also I keep getting the apim update message on the screen to turn off truck, wait ten min and start. Apparently the...
  16. I screwed up using Forscan big time

    I was using forscan to change values to display tru engine Temps. Forscan said I need license. So I did the email request. While waiting I starred to mess around with real-time tests. One was engage parking brakes. I dud that and disengaged them. Cool. Then there was the setting to go...
  17. Trouble finding service

    I have a 2022 f150 platinum hybrid. I have recall and the p2022 code. I went in to setup service with my local Ford dealer. The earliest they can get a diagnosis is Dec 1st. Then the service manager said unless the parts are available before Jan 1st they won't service hybrids or ev. Said...
  18. Wrong group

  19. Sorry to ask. Limp home reduced power with PowerBoost

    I have been searching a while. Lots of different threads going back. This week while towing my PB 2022 3.5 my truck went into reduced power mode. Very frustrating going 30mph on interstate. Anyway I was following a certain thread that was talking about the electronics of the heat exchanger...
  20. Truck clicking when parked

    My powerboost is doing something when it's parked. All night long I can hear relays and wurring. I leave the key in the middle box so it's not detecting a key or something. Sometimes when I sneak up on it from the rear I hear a few clicks. It's like it sees me in the cameras and getting...