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  1. Best Way To Protect My New F-150 Paint?

    How long does ppf last in the real world? I ask because carrier says my A/C should last 15yrs but that means 3-4 in Charleston S.C. I wanted to get my wife’s bmw done and the quote was $1700 for the front bumper and a a few other small areas. I can buy a new bumper for $300 + paint, lol.
  2. 8 Ohm Tweeter options

    If you really want to learn cool stuff and do it on the cheap, use the L-pad calculator linked below. It’s better than using one resistor in series. Your ohms would be 4, and I’d start with 3db of attenuation. Not sure what the factory radio puts out, but someone on here probably does (I’d...
  3. 8 Ohm Tweeter options

    If you plan on using an amp on all of your speakers; I’d just wait on that and get one with dsp. if you want to just tone them down, you can add resistors or try something like the Alpine S-S10TW. They are silk dome which I find are not as harsh. They are also 6 ohm and only 88db S/N ratio...
  4. New Final Rule – EPA Emissions Standards for MY 2027 and Later LD/MD Vehicles

    The real reason Trump said “bloodbath”. Enjoy your Chinese EVs, fools.
  5. Dimming illuminated Ford grille emblem

    Use a PWM dimmer. https://www.oznium.com/switches/led-dimmer-knob waterproof one https://www.oznium.com/switches/mini-led-dimmer-knob
  6. Rokblokz install help

    I’ve never had plastic front liners on a F150; 2009, ‘11, ‘13, ‘14, ‘18, ‘21.
  7. Front wheel well liners...plastic alternative?

    Line X ‘em.
  8. Factory Jack Bed Relocation Project Using Molle Panel

    I’ve often wondered about flipping the spare tire to where the inset is toward the truck body and putting the jack inside of it (securing it so it wouldn’t rattle of course). i would never use that jack unless I was needing that spare on.
  9. Exhaust Options

    Stock one sounds the best to me.
  10. Horrible MPG?

    Is this hand calculated or via the trip computer? Since it’s a used truck I’d check my values in Forscan in case the previous owner changed them for different tires/wheels.
  11. 2021+ F-150 Tremor Skid Plate Swap Parts

    Anything can be made to fit. All you really need is some custom brackets made by yourself or a fab shop. A metal working shop could figure this out in about 2 minutes.
  12. B&O Unleashed finally fixed for $329?

    I will add this since there are some on here that may be installing amps for the first time. You do still need power direct from the battery and a remote turn on (unless your amp has auto feature). I just didn’t want anyone thinking they could connect some speaker wires and be good. lol.
  13. Heated seats via FordPass

    Trying to remember, but I believe the hvac, seats, and steering wheel have to all be in auto mode. I.e. o if you just set climate control to auto it will only do the hvac. Just making sure everyone has set all 3 to auto.
  14. Remote start question.

    Factory system can be set to auto (sets to 72 degrees), or you can set it to “last setting”. **note: once you get in and turn on the ignition it reverts to last setting. You can also turn on/off the seats and steering wheel to come on with remote start.
  15. Lift/Level, have you re-aligned your cruise control module?

    This argument is like saying “Please don’t re-aim your headlights, since they still light the road”. The CCM still works, but maybe it will work “better”. PSA on headlight aiming though: I love having lifted/leveled trucks behind me, x-raying my brain. I always know who the “real men” are. The...
  16. Why your insurance rates are high

    Another truck guy that will not re-aim his headlights. :rolleyes:
  17. Highway MPG getting progressively worse

    No stock tires are LTs, adding them adds at least 10lbs per tire. That and this truck hits a wall over 75, the more you lift the front; the more that wall mph moves down. Off the lot is the best mpg possible. Change the antenna, lose 0.2 mpg.
  18. Mirror power connector no longer working

    Ugh. When you tried the mirror do you still have the adapter plugged in? If so, try it without the adapter at all. If it wasn't connected to start with and the mirror didn't work, I would look at all those pins and make sure one isn't recessed or bent inside the connector.