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  1. Modifying front seats to recline lower - like max recline?

    Per the title. Would anyone know how to do this? The depth on the recline for the seats is just simply not enough. Sometimes on long-hauls I need to take a gas station nap and the seats just don't go back far enough for me. I found a lightning thread where a guy modified his to go back...
  2. Max Recline Seat - 2021 Platinum (black)

    Man, I just sold my 21 platinum and would have done this in a heartbeat. I have a 23 lariat now and would still do the trade, but it sounds like you want the platinum seats. I did not personally like the platinum buckets but have always wanted the max recline. I find the lariat seats more...
  3. OpenPilot on the F-150 (BlueCruise alternative)

    The unfortunate part of this is that Ford knows this. I think their encryption on the upcoming 2024 models is in some small part due to this. That have to keep control will their crummy little system.
  4. Worth it to upgrade to 2023 Lariat high?

    I bought the truck. The steering IS better.
  5. Missouri Iridium Roush F150 Rims

    Looking to buy Iridium Roush F150 rims for 2023 F150. With or without rubber.
  6. OpenPilot on the F-150 (BlueCruise alternative)

    Are they going to accept your updates and push them out? Awesome, let us know when you get the approval and it pushes out!
  7. OpenPilot on the F-150 (BlueCruise alternative)

    So basically my hardcoded fork is locked in unless I decide to manually sync on GitHub? This is precisely what I wanted!
  8. OpenPilot on the F-150 (BlueCruise alternative)

    Ya, this didn't work for me. We even thought it might be the extension cable so I direct wired under the dash. Still same issue, it waits for controls to start. Deselecting the vehicle only gets it to dashcam mode and won't fingerprint.
  9. OpenPilot on the F-150 (BlueCruise alternative)

    Looks like the update broke mine too. Any solutions fellas? I have a road trip tomorrow. Not ideal timing.
  10. Worth it to upgrade to 2023 Lariat high?

    I do like the heated steering wheel as I'm midwest and it's nice in the recently -15 days! But this truck has that. The only thing is doesn't have is the BO Unleashed....but the 21 I have has the 18 speaker and it kind of sucks, it's not loud at all. I'm not much of an audiophile IMO. I always...
  11. Worth it to upgrade to 2023 Lariat high?

    This was the first vehicle I had with auto-running boards. I hate the obnoxious noise you get with them every time you leave somewhere, 5 months in and it still startles me sometimes. But I understand their utility if you are taking this off road. I also think that they're slow...not in general...
  12. OpenPilot on the F-150 (BlueCruise alternative)

    This is a question that I had before and forgot to ask. @Ajzride, is there anyway to shut down/shut off the auto-updates? I would much prefer to just run with the current software indefinitely and only update when I'm absolutely certain that it will work on my vehicle.
  13. Worth it to upgrade to 2023 Lariat high?

    The only deletes this one has is the Cabin Bed camera and the advanced security package. Agree on black. Never liked it. Won't ever do it again. Here's the window sticker:
  14. OpenPilot on the F-150 (BlueCruise alternative)

    Can I be a part of your family? I'll always look up to you and never let you down.
  15. Worth it to upgrade to 2023 Lariat high?

    Had to look up IWE but I'm still not sure what TOD means. Trailer on demand?
  16. Worth it to upgrade to 2023 Lariat high?

    Are there any upgrades or improvements from 2021 to 2023?
  17. Worth it to upgrade to 2023 Lariat high?

    I currently have a 2021 platinum in black. Never really loved it over my blue 2015. A dealer is offering me a new 2023 f150 with 502a for 64,500 in Atlas Blue Metallic (miss my blue truck). About 10k off of msrp. With the 1.9% financing. Is it an upgrade? Will I miss anything on the platinum...