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  1. 2024 F150 King Ranch

    Great looking truck. Hope it gives you fantastic reliability. does it have the Pro Access Tailgate?
  2. Brought 2024 King Ranch F-150 home yesterday.

    Great looking truck Did you get the pro access tailgate?
  3. King Ranch

    EDDIE2021 -- did you order the Pro Access Tailgate?
  4. Thoughts on 2024 Ranger Raptor?!

    The gas mileage is terrible. Can't remember the exact numbers but it's in the high teens for combined. The F150 hybrid is the way to go in my mind.
  5. Anybody have their 24 built and/or delivered yet?

    Mine was produced on January 3. I have a vin but I'm not holding my breath. I ordered the new tailgate and that will hold it up even longer from what I've read. Makes no sense to us looking in from the outside why delivery would be held on the entire MY this late in the game.