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  1. Hood mounted solar panel for F150 - Lensun Solar

    I am intrigued by this system. I love the idea of not worrying about my battery as we all know our trucks demand a lot of the 12v system! Looking for input on how this solar controller will treat my 12v battery. Any risk to over charging or not maintaining it correctly...
  2. Metal fuel tank skid plate

    Looking to upgrade the skid plate on my PB. Has anyone put one on? Looks like ford may sell a metal one for around $150.
  3. Need a RetraxPRO XR part - rail cap

    Hi all, I am trying to find a replacement passenger side rail end cap. Retrax says they do not sell just the little plastic cap and that I will have to buy both whole rails at almost $500. Seems pretty ridiculous when the part I need is easily replaced, is lost fairly often and probably costs...
  4. Cheap MagSafe mount install

    Thought someone else might dig this. I found a cheap MagSafe mount on Amazon and I think it turned out pretty nice. The bottom of the stand is non slip and it actually sticks without any other adhesive. Hasn’t moved in weeks of driving. I routed the cable through the front track of the cubby...
  5. LED projector alignment

    I feel like both of my lights are angled to the drivers side. In this picture you can see a divot on the light each headlight throws and they are biased to the left. Any way to “straighten” them out?
  6. Has anyone used Trucks2Go bed covers and racks?

    Ive been researching tonneau covers for awhile now and haven't found the perfect fit. That said, I came across the Truck2Go website and they have some budget friendly options that mimic the retrax ($850) and the roll-n-lock ($1100). Can add crossbars for around $270. Anyone buy these before...
  7. Aux battery replacement

    Replaced my main 12v battery a few weeks ago and was wondering about replacing the aux 12v battery. Is there a benefit to them being about the same age because they are wired in parallel? I have a 21’ powerboost lariat.
  8. Roll-n-lock A XT VS. RetraxPro XR

    Hi all! im looking to buy a retractable tonneau cover with t-slots for a rack/cross bars. Narrowed it down to these two. I like the smaller box size of the rollNlock, 7.5” vs 12”, but the retrax looks stronger with lifetime warranty. Putting it on a 21’ PB 5.5’ bed. any owners out there with...