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  1. DARKENED BRONZE F-150 (2024+) Club

    Smoked Truffle was a sub-choice of Black… the options when I ordered this truck were Medium Dark Slate, Black-Black, or Black-SmokedTruffle. But I wonder if based on the strange way that works in the online tool… it may turn out to be an under-selected option.
  2. Brought 2024 King Ranch F-150 home yesterday.

    That’s the HUD. Build a 502a Lariat and it should look like that too.
  3. DARKENED BRONZE F-150 (2024+) Club

    I agree it has a strong dark tint. I think the bad videos (made with inferior cameras) made it look black. But I think that was an issue of contrast and dynamic range and overall lighting but did not represent the actual color. It never looks black to me in person.
  4. DARKENED BRONZE F-150 (2024+) Club

    Truck is still dirty, but I know some people wanted a pic in the sunlight. This is just an iPhone shot in some nice golden-hour light... but I think it does a reasonable job of showing the color in the sun. It looks more bronze in the sunlight than in the shade. But this is one of those...
  5. DARKENED BRONZE F-150 (2024+) Club

    2024 Lariat 501a Chrome with Smoked Truffle Interior. Truck is not clean and it is overcast and rainy... but I couldn't wait any longer!
  6. Anybody have their 24 built and/or delivered yet?

    I took delivery of my order today. Lariat 501a in Darkened Bronze over Smoked Truffle. The only surprise (which I’m happy about) is that there was no fold-down under-rear-seat organizer. I’ll try to get better pics when it stops raining tomorrow. Regarding the color specifically…. It does...
  7. Anybody have their 24 built and/or delivered yet?

    Well… my Darkened Bronze over Smoked Truffle Lariat updated today…. It shows “Final Preparation” so I’m going to head over to the dealer tomorrow to see if it’s there. Is it time for a Darkened Bronze thread yet?
  8. Anybody have their 24 built and/or delivered yet?

    I also ordered Smoked Truffle, but with Darkened Bronze exterior. I wonder if the Smoked Truffle might be one of those that looks different depending on the lighting? What do you think @Skoriaan? I’ll know soon enough. My truck could arrive as early as this week…
  9. Anybody have their 24 built and/or delivered yet?

    That is a thing I haven’t seen yet… as a photograph and not a rendering…. Smoked Truffle interior on a Lariat.
  10. Update: 2024 F-150 Job 1 Production Begins 12/18/23. Now Scheduling for Production Week 1/29/24.

    The 2023s were being made brand-new deep into December. That's unusual, but that's what happened. The very last of them are still fresh inventory on dealer lots. It would not shock me if somebody could find a VIN that is still in transit. The narrative that all the '23s are stale inventory...
  11. Tremor front diff explodes at 7400 km

    You can lease anything. If you wanted a 36-month lease on a pair of fuzzy slippers... I know a guy that would do it.
  12. Request Clarification on Power Tow Mirror P/N ML3Z-17696-DA

    My understanding is that if you have a truck with factory power FOLD then you also have the correct door harness for power EXTEND… but this is Ford an there seem to be more variations than there are stars in the sky.
  13. Tow Mirrors Vs Regular

    On the ‘24 trucks, only the non-Powerboost configurations can get factory tow mirrors. It’s a pretty cheap option, really. But adding them after the fact to Lariat or higher trim is $1900 worth of parts. That kinda hurts.
  14. Update: 2024 F-150 Job 1 Production Begins 12/18/23. Now Scheduling for Production Week 1/29/24.

    I ordered a Lariat Powerboost on Jan 4. I got an email today that it's been scheduled for the week of March 11. No sticker yet, but things seem to be moving!
  15. Retractable rear center step

    Just to clarify since I think there may be some who misunderstand... there are two options available from Ford that are similarly named. The new option is "Retractable Rear Center Step" which is a standalone option. It looks to me like a variant of the Amp Research BedStep (or BedStep2) only...
  16. Retractable rear center step

    It’s pretty hard to find information about this center step. It’s offered on standard tailgate trucks as well. I believe it is shown, but not really discussed, in this video starting at about the three minute mark on the white truck… IMO, it’s not a lot of value for regular tailgate...