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  1. Ford cutting workforce at F-150 Lightning plant in Dearborn

  2. 2024 F150s are sitting on lots across Metro Detroit, Whats the Issue?

  3. Stealth Build featuring SGS Integration (2400 Watt Skar VD 12s)

    I have the B&O (302A) system. Its the 8 speaker with the oval sub in the back. When I first bought the truck I though it should be enough. I work from home and rarely drive my truck. It's not going to get a ton of use. Well, I can't leave anything alone and I am obsessed with Car Audio since I...
  4. My first tank of e85, wow

    I ran my brand new truck down to empty and filled it up. My scanner reads the e85 content at e60 compared to regular gas at e12.9 I felt an immediate acceleration boost and it definitely feels like it's running way better than the dealer gas that was in it. 2.00 gas compared to 3.75 and 4.00...
  5. Seat Heat Harness Failure

    Is anyone having this issue? Is there preventative measures for wiring in or soldering additional grounds to stop this wire from catching fire and melting. Should be a recall.
  6. Ford Used Leftover 2020 wheels as spare tires?

    I have 300 miles on my brand new 2023. Has anyone else noticed the spare is an aluminum rim from 2015-2020? :D My 2023 Wheels are 18 inch Part Number: fl34-1007-aa My 2023 Spare Wheel is 17 inch seen below. Here is what it looks like under my truck. Ford must have been trying to get...
  7. Official: Tell Us Your Best Pricing Deal on a New F150 (regardless of year)

    I wanted to see if people were willing to tell us their story on their purchase. This info can be filled out in whole or in part to protect things you dont want to share. Just curious if this would be a way to help others save money or share their success or losses based on markets in a rocky...
  8. 3.5EB Teardown, Customer didnt change oil.

    https://www.facebook.com/share/r/PYuH2TzB4CR7LM3f/?mibextid=oFDknk Read the comments.
  9. Gandalf The White - 75th Year Anniversary Edition

    I am new to F150s but not to modifications. I have bought and sold 23 cars over my lifetime, mostly Jeeps. I have built race cars from scratch, built several 500hp Ford Windsor 5.0 in my Fox Body and I have built a 2.0L Turbo charged 500hp Chevy Cobalt. But this is my first Ford Truck. Hoping...
  10. How does SCT or HP Tuners affect Drive Modes?

    I am flipping through my drive modes and I was looking at the OZ Omega, Livernois, and others. When these tunes are installed, do they only work in standard drive mode. My truck (2023) displays sport, eco, tow, normal, snow, sand and offroad with the knob between the 4WD buttons. How are these...