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  1. 3ohm JBL speaker of factory B&O system.....bad idea?

    I also had a blown rear right door speaker in the unleashed system.
  2. Ford Pass v5 - now available

    If I open the app I can see history off the event but it won’t push a notification to my phone, even with appropriate settings.
  3. Ford Pass v5 - now available

    Agreed. It would be so nice to see a few more of these simple things, ie running/not running, window and lock status, inside temp, etc. Oh and get alerts when the alarm goes off 🙄
  4. ESP Coverage on Powerboost Hybrid Components

    Appreciate that. I guess what I am saying is I would take fords own brochure for premium care and the actual contract and challenge it with the warranty person at your dealership. Rereading my documentation tonight, I still find it hard to believe a sensor associated with the 12v system isn’t...
  5. ESP Coverage on Powerboost Hybrid Components

    I would be surprised if premium care doesn’t cover pretty much every sensor in the truck. Take a look at the pamphlet.
  6. 2023 F150 hybrid oil gauge does not fluctuate

    Mine drops to zero when in electric driving mode then moves back up to around mid range when the ice kicks on.
  7. 21 Powerboost SSN Low Battery

    Curious what your steering wheel issue is. I’m dropping my 21 at the dealer on Monday for creaking/clicking in the steering wheel when turning.
  8. LensunSolar Hood Solar Panel F-150 Powerboost BAP/Tremor Hood Installation

    Really interested in doing this. Thank you for sharing! I’ll be keeping an eye on this thread.
  9. Factory battery ongoing issues

    Thats awesome. I thought there was radar behind there for CC but now that I am thinking about it, maybe thats only on the drivers side. Pretty easy to pop off?
  10. Factory battery ongoing issues

    Pics of how you mounted the plug? I’ve been wanting to do the same but couldn’t find a good place to mount the external plug.
  11. Hood mounted solar panel for F150 - Lensun Solar

    I live in Western Colorado and we get roughly 325 days of sun a year. I am really looking at this to keep the battery happy when not driving, which I think 60 watts would do. My biggest concern is the charger/controller and whether it would be smart enough to treat the 12volt system right.
  12. Hood mounted solar panel for F150 - Lensun Solar

    Those are cool but I have a retractable cover and a moon roof. Really the only place I have is the hood.
  13. Hood mounted solar panel for F150 - Lensun Solar

    Oh wow. Stoked to see someone here took the dive! Excited to get your thoughts after install!
  14. Testing an Aux batt solution...

    wow. I would like to do this. Do you still think it's not wise for a laymen like myself?
  15. Hood mounted solar panel for F150 - Lensun Solar

    It comes with a vinyl sheet that you apply to the hood first so it's protected.
  16. Hood mounted solar panel for F150 - Lensun Solar

    I also have a black truck so I dont think the panel will stand out much.
  17. Hood mounted solar panel for F150 - Lensun Solar

    I hear ya. I honestly don't mind the look and it would cut down glare. I camp off grid frequently and I also will go the entire work week without driving it as I ride by bicycle when it's warm.
  18. Hood mounted solar panel for F150 - Lensun Solar

    I am intrigued by this system. I love the idea of not worrying about my battery as we all know our trucks demand a lot of the 12v system! Looking for input on how this solar controller will treat my 12v battery. Any risk to over charging or not maintaining it correctly...
  19. Need a RetraxPRO XR part - rail cap

    Thank you for reaching out. I think I am good to go now but will let you know if anything changes. I'll be sure to share my experience when it's all said and done.