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  1. Help with picking tire size

    Plan is to do a 20x10 -19 .... i know i know...if i did a 20x9 with different offset id be ok .... with a 2.5 level. I ordered 33s but now im thinking about getting a 305/50 or 285/55 ????? I dont want to cut or trim anything to make them fit. I'd rather buy different tires or a bigger lift...
  2. K&N CAI issue

    So I went ahead, against my judgment, and ordered K&N intake for my truck. Shipping was super fast and packaging was top notch. I began to open it up and start piecing it together. When I got around to mounting the filter, it was way too big lol. Filter was in its own box and sealed. Just was...
  3. How would you level your truck on stock tires with aftermarket wheels?

    Goal is to run stock size 275/60/20 with aftermarket wheels
  4. New Rough Country Hard Flip Up Cover

    ABSOLUTE JUNK DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY Ordering a MX4 as you’re reading this.