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  1. What Ceramic coating works for you?

    I put Meguairs M888 Beyond Ceramic on my Black Tremor this weekend. Looks good, reflects like a mirror. I hope it stays that way.
  2. Installed wheel well liners on Tremor

    Probably took 10 minutes or less on each side. The holes lined up perfectly so the 2 screw clips and 4 plastic snap plugs installed easily.
  3. 2024 F150 King Ranch Pictures from Houston Auto Show

    This Blue 2024 King Ranch is on display at the Houston Car Show.
  4. Does the Ford Performance Supercharger installation affect new vehicle warranty?

    I have gotten different answers on this from a few dealerships. If you have installed one have you had any other warranty issues not being covered because of it? I’m am/was going to have my dealer install the FPP supercharger on my new truck. The paperwork shows the supercharger kit has a 3yr/36...
  5. 2 year update on my 2021 Platinum Hybrid 4x4

    It’s been 2 years since I got mine. Group 701a, Moonroof, 7.2 pro power, Max tow, FX4, interior work surface, Max Recline seats and 100,000 mile warranty. Here is a little update after 57,000 miles. At least half of those pulling a 18’ trailer with a SXS and ATV all around the country. From...
  6. Anyone else using Pro Power tonight for electricity?

    The electricity went out again tonight for a few hours. I had my truck backed out of the garage with extension cords plugged into the bed receptacles just in case it did It. Glad I did. I only used the truck to power a couple of lamps and a small heater but that’s all we needed for that short...
  7. My truck made it in the Ford Shareholders 2021 Review video

    My truck is in this Ford video. Scroll down to videos and click on 2021 A year in review. At the 20 second mark that’s mine. https://shareholder.ford.com/investors/overview/default.aspx
  8. No Lightning at car show?

    New Rivian and Hummer H2 at the car show but no Lightning.
  9. Pro power getting more use

    What do you do after you lose power during a Tornado warning at a friends house? Grab a few extension cords and supply power from the F150 of course. I have unexpectedly used this feature about 5 times since I got my truck in February. It has only been a few hours so far but they are much better...
  10. Good deal or not?

    I’m not in the market for another truck but I got this in an email. Somebody check it out and see.
  11. Two Tremors on the lot

    I brought my truck in for an oil change. During the 3.5 hour wait time at the Quicklane I wasted some time walking the lot and saw these Tremors. Power boost Platinum and others too. Trucks are out there if you are still waiting.
  12. Installed Undercover Elite hard tonneau cover.

    A few pictures of the Undercover Elite cover Installed on a ‘21 Platinum Carbonized Gray. I happy with the fit, finish and sturdiness.
  13. Missing streets on Nav screen

    This whole subdivision is missing on the Sync Navigation. It shows up and will navigate to on Waze. Does anybody else see missing streets that aren’t newly built.
  14. PowerBoost 7.2kw onboard generator saves the day (3 days) during Texas power outage

    A little south Texas 10-20 degree cold front took out the power for 3 days so I had a chance to try out the generator on my truck. I haven’t put in a switch to my house power panel yet so I just used a few extension cords. Ran power to some lights, coffee pot, 75” Tv, toaster oven, space heater...
  15. Just picked up My Platinum Hybrid

    It was ready last night, picked it up this morning. Platinum 4x4 Hybrid, 7.2kW, max tow, work surface, moonroof, FX4, but most important to me Max Recline seats. Added Bedliner, tint and locking wheel lugs. (A Houston area must have) Traded my Blue Jean Blue 2015 Lariat 5.0 with 166,000...