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  1. Worst Oil Thread Ever - The BakeOff

    Impossible for the amount of idling these modern engines due. The oil would go that long without fuel dilution.

    yeah the only thing I would do would be the ras kits or airbags if necessary.
  3. what is your preferred gear oil ?

    What?? E lockers don’t even need any friction modifier technically.
  4. 3.73 gears 9.75 diff max tow.

    I’m going to swap out my rear diff cover with the spicer version and want to change the oil. My trucks a 2022 f150 with the noted gears and diff in title. Dies it come with 75w90 oil? I’m looking switching to 75w140 as I tow a 7000 lb camper several times during spring/summer. Just concerned...
  5. 37 Days and they are buying it back

    Good luck hope it works out. All manufacturers are lacking. I’ll never be a dodge customer again. Had a brand new 1500 go through 2 transmissions within a year in 2018.
  6. Drivers side window buttons

    I have a weird issue on my 2022 f150. At times when I remote start, enter the vehicle and press the start button, my drivers side window and mirror buttons won’t light up or work. They won’t work until I press the window lock/unlock button. Then all buttons function properly. it almost seems...
  7. 2 different bilstein 5160s?

    and these I’m guessing are the $270 shocks?
  8. Dash rattle fixed 2021 F150

    Can someone post pics of where this screw is? Video won’t load and I’m pretty sure I have this rattle now. Super annoying static sounding type rattle constantly. Already tried door panel fix.
  9. 2 different bilstein 5160s?

    On bilsteins website there are these part number25-311372. Which are labeled B8 5160s for $270per shock. They also have the regular 5160s that stage3 carries for $225 per shock. Both have reservoirs. anyone know the difference? 2022 f150
  10. Hello from Discount Tire!!!

    I run my LT nittos at 35psi. Anything higher and the truck would probably rattle apart from ride harshness.
  11. FordPass Points can be applied / redeemed online starting January 30, 2023

    Anyone know how much or can estimate with prior knowledge how many points an exhaust install would be? Currently have around 80k.
  12. Just changed Oil at 5K miles. Engine running so much quieter WOW !

    I just did my first at 2500 miles. 5.0 motor. Sounds way quieter around 3-4000 rpm. Makes me think they under filled from factory or it was the break in period burn off of some oil.
  13. Do NOT do BCM update!! Headlight issues reported

    In short, what are some of the bcm updates vs over the air that are necessary? and why wouldn’t ford do the bcm updates for us at dealerships?
  14. Do NOT do BCM update!! Headlight issues reported

    so this is something we can choose to do and isn’t necessary like the over the air updates?
  15. Do NOT do BCM update!! Headlight issues reported

    I turned my auto updates off. Haven’t updated since sept. Lol
  16. Missing oil pan guard

    copy. Thanks !
  17. Missing oil pan guard

    Well looks like I’ll be without one. I dunno if the max tow having the fatter front sway bar has anything to do with it.
  18. Missing oil pan guard

    Anyone notice on their 22 f150 your missing the fabric “sound guard/wind deflector” thing that you have to remove for oil changes? got underneath mine today and noticed it wasn’t there….wondering if they just didn’t put it on or it’s gone with the 22s. Mine was built late august.
  19. New recall: Front Park Lamp Flicker (NHTSA # 22V686)

    Build date 7/27/22. Dearborn. I dunno how accurate that is because I didn’t get a built email until 8/7. Hopefully mine was built late enough in the window to not be effected. Haven’t noticed anything yet.