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  1. Pennsylvania RC 23 F-150 Running Boards

    The powder coat on the steps was chipping I painted over it with Rustoleum truck bed coating. They are less than a year old 250$ obo
  2. Pennsylvania Rough Country SRX2 Adjustable Running boards

    Bought new in May 2023 got a different set! Sell new for 379 plus tax! Asking 300$ Located in New Castle, PA
  3. DRL on Halogen Headlights

    Hey, I’ve recently put Alpharex Pro Series Halogen headlights in my 23 F150. I want to adjust DRL brightness but I think I read somewhere that if you didn’t have factory DRL you can’t change the brightness. Any help would be great!
  4. Oil type for 5.0L V8!

    Changed my oil a little before 2500 miles and i am getting ready to do another on(truck says in about 600 miles)! What is everyone running for oil? The first change I just went with the motor craft partial synthetic but would it be better to run full synthetic?
  5. 2023 Halogen to Led Headlights

    Is it worth trying to change from factory halogen to factory led headlights? I’ve been seeing some stuff about needing to buy a harness? What all is needed to convert?
  6. Window Motor Blown

    Well i posted another thread but figured i’d update…My window motor on my 23 f150 XL blew out…pretty sure it is because the switch o. the drivers door was stuck up but either way had it in at the dealership yesterday and got it back today after they told me they tried to order the part but it’s...
  7. Window Not Working

    Well got in my truck today (23 xl) 3200 miles and notice the switch for the rear driver side window was stuck up. Realizing that probably wasn’t good I check and the window won’t go up or down! My luck continues now because I accidentally rolled the window down (worked?) and now it won’t go back...
  8. Fuel Gauge Issues

    Not sure exactly of the issue but I put some gas in the truck from a gas can and it did not change the gas gauge or miles to empty. Thinking I was still short on gas to make it to the gas station I put 10 bucks into the truck to make it to my preferred gas station but it was on 1 MTE when I put...
  9. Noise when on uneven ground

    Hey everyone. not sure if it is actually chassis related or suspension but wondering if anyone has had the same issue I'm having. When coming into my driveway which is uneven I hear a pretty loud clunking sound. I don't see anything out of the ordinary when underneath.
  10. Exhaust sound improvement / mod for 2023 5.0 F-150?

    Hey everyone, wanting to do something with the exhaust on my 23 5.0. Don’t really want to spend what companies are asking for a car back exhaust so what are people doing otherwise to make their trucks sound better?
  11. Bed Size

    Hey Guys, My 2023 will hopefully be showing up soon and would like to purchase a tonneau cover. Can anyone confirm whether or not the covers from the earlier trucks like 15-20 would fit the new trucks as well.
  12. In Production

    Hey has anyone received that their truck was built yet??
  13. 2023 Order Scheduling

    Saw that Ford was supposed to start cheduling for the Michigan plant last week! Just wondering if anybody's build was scheduled?