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  1. Towing Mirror Question

    Hello, hoping you guys can help out. I have a towing package on my lariat, but it did not come with the tow mirrors. I preordered boost auto mirrors and thought I already had the plug to have power telescoping, but I unfortunately I don’t. Do any of you guys know a jumper that I can plug in and...
  2. 2021 Lariat Agate Black 3.5 Build

    Started with a stock 2021 Lariat with the chrome package. Extremely happy for how it turned out. Here’s everything I have done to the truck: Roush Cold Air Intake ReadyLift 2” Leveling Kit Borla S-Type Dual Exhaust Air Design Fender Flares (color matched) Raptor Style Grill Lights Alloy Ion...
  3. Borla Exhaust S-Type Installed on 3.5 EcoBoost [sound clips]

    I finally received the Borla Exhaust S-Type. It sounds great to me. Yes…. I know it is not a V8. Don’t want to hear it. I am digging the sound and super easy to install. Figured I would post it if anyone was curious about purchasing it.