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  1. Just got my 2023 F-150 5.0 supercharged with Ford Performance Whipple kit !

    So I just got my ford performance whipple installed on my 5.0 single cab and man she’s a beast , curious to know if anyone has put there truck on a dyno whit just a fp whipple and what we’re y’all’s numbers? Supposedly my truck should be at 700hp at crank , what do you guys think it is at the...
  2. 2023 f150 5.0 engine noise , is it normal ?

    Hello you guys , was wondering if this tick/tap is normal ? My truck has 3200 miles , I’ve never noticed it till today .. it’s a 2023 5.0 f150
  3. 2023 5.0 vibration at idle in cold start

    Good afternoon fellas , so I have another concern, I have been noticing that my truck has a vibration at idle when it cold starts , after it’s warmed up it goes away for the most part .. my truck is a 23 ford f150 with the 5.0 , is this normal ?
  4. Did I mess up the break-in on my 2023 ford 5.0?

    Good morning you guys so I just recently bought a ford 2023 f150 5.0 and on the test drive I stupidly floored the truck 2 times ,the truck had 7 miles at the time I floored it , I just wanted to see what kind of power it was pushing , I had never driven a ford so I was curious .. did I mess up...