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  1. Why is Ford pushing BAP?

    Those wheels are perfect for that truck. A hint of the old steel wheels but significantly fancier. A total blast from the past.
  2. MegaOhm Motorsports Backup Alarm Delete

    You would have to go back to the original instructions to see for sure. I believe the new device plugs in between the speaker and the Ford wiring. If that is the case you will need that Ford connector to plug into the device. That will let the truck know that there is a connection and that...
  3. Custom Built Adventure Package

    One of the real marvels of this country. I saw it as a kid on a vacation with my folks and sister. Pictures do not do it justice. This is nice shot of when you can first see it from the side on one of the roads in the area. My folks green "car" will give away the year this was taken. :) See it...
  4. New to 14th Gen Forum!

    Beautiful truck! That has the BAP package too. Very nice and good luck with it.
  5. Why is Ford pushing BAP?

    When I ordered my 2022 Lariat I wanted the sport package to take out the chrome with a painted bumper and mirrors. However, that made you get the 2 tone (with red) interior. Since I was ordering Blue exterior I did not want the red additions inside and had to get the BAP to eliminate that red...
  6. Tire cut or delaminating?

    I agree with Rinn. It looks like a cut and then started to spread a little once it was weakened.
  7. BLIS - Additional LED Mod (How To)

    2024's should be hitting the dealers next month. If you are looking for a truck on the lot or ordering and you are not getting that great of pricing where you are, give Granger Ford in Iowa a look. You cannot beat their pricing and they are total pro's at selling and online transactions. 2024's...
  8. Any factory sunroof issues -- leaks, noise, motor, anything?

    I have not had any issue with mine but I really do not open and close it. My wife loves the large size and letting in the light, but I too would love to have an inoperable moonroof. The glass sealed flush with the metal roof and just the interior cover that opens and closes.
  9. Stowable bed extender

    If you have the Box Link (E Track) you can get something like this and make something for cheap.
  10. Tow Mirrors? | SUMA Mirrors

    I would have to agree. I do not own the tow mirrors so take this for what it is worth. When I ordered the truck, I debated long and hard over whether to order the tow mirrors. For $250 they would have been an absolute steal if needed. One of the selling points was the large convex mirror along...
  11. Thank you Ford!

    Great story. I hope the other people, even if they were at fault, did not get hurt either. It is people like this person, fighting to defend our country and democracy, that are what makes this country great. No phony bologna crap.
  12. Where the Ford LOGO came from...

    Immigrants, like your grandfather and almost everyone's decedents, are what make/made the country great.
  13. Noco Genius Users - Pulsing Green

    This is outstanding! Well done and thanks for posting.
  14. Official: Tell Us Your Best Pricing Deal on a New F150 (regardless of year)

    Dealer: Granger Ford Iowa. Year Make Model Sub Model: 2022 Lariat SCREW PB 7.2Kw 502a 4x4. Package: 502A BAP Dealer Sticker: $73,000 Dealer Price: 3% under invoice at the time of order. $2500 worth of incentives. Out the Door: $59,800. Financing APR/Years: 0% for 36 months. Warranty: 10 year...
  15. Custom Built Adventure Package

    Outstanding! 6 inch memory foam will be significantly better than any roof top tent and no ladders to climb. :) You still have legal passenger space for 3 in the truck. Well done. As others have said, please post pictures along the way. Safe Travels!
  16. IGLA - Anti Theft Immobilizer

    From the looks of it, if you have a Powerboost, you can run the truck to power the Pro Power Onboard, leave it running but if someone tries to drive away it is immobilized until you put in your code. If this is correct this could give that extra measure of security if you need to run the truck...
  17. Latest 2024 F-150 Production Key Commodity Constraints + Total Retail Unscheduled Orders (2/19/24)

    Yes not seeing them listed as a BAP item in the package leads me to believe that the LED Projector headlights are indeed standard for the Lariat, just in chrome. It should not come up as a conflict with the BAP package but it does and that may be the glitch, since you are getting them anyway...
  18. Latest 2024 F-150 Production Key Commodity Constraints + Total Retail Unscheduled Orders (2/19/24)

    FYI - I just went back to the build site and selected the Lariat BAP. As you work your way down the options you will see that LED Projector with Dynamic Bending Headlights is a selectable option. If it is standard with the Lariat it probably should not be there but it is. If you select that...
  19. Latest 2024 F-150 Production Key Commodity Constraints + Total Retail Unscheduled Orders (2/19/24)

    I don't believe it said it would delete them, I think it said that you will get them in chrome and not the black chrome of the old BAP. That additional offering (black chrome with BAP) may have been one of the "streamlined" items.
  20. Opinions Wanted

    Unless you are regularly hauling stuff with the truck, or plan on sleeping back there, I found that the 5.5 bed is more than enough. It allowed me to get the SCREW cab and still keep the 145" wheel base. I came from a 6' bed Tacoma and I doubt there were 3 times in about 13 years I used the...