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  1. Will floor mats from a 19/20 fit our trucks?

    I’m looking for a set of carpeted floormats for my Lariat PB. Finding lots of take-offs from the previous gen, but no so much for the 14’s. Just curious if anyone knows if they’ll work? Or maybe a source for them specifically for the 21/22’s?
  2. My ‘21 Carbonized Grey Lariat 502a Powerboost. Coilovers, wheels and tires, etc.

    What up gang…thought I’d share my new truck. Long story short: had an Oxford white on order with Ford, but got frustrated after 5 months of waiting and no end in sight. Flew to Colorado from SoCal last weekend to pick this beauty up and drove it home. Has everything I had on my order except...
  3. Need to order some black lug nuts for these new wheels. Size/style?

    Just picked up these wheel/tires for my inbound Lariat Powerboost. Need to get some black lugs for it…curious what you guys suggest? Gorilla still make good stuff?
  4. I’m so confused: will my truck have 360 cameras or not?

    Hey gang, looking for a little input. Trying to figure out if my incoming Lariat 502A will have a front facing camera. Want to order some painted emblems and need to know if I need the front to have the cutout. I’ve heard definitive yes and no’s, so I have no clue. Take a look at my window...