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  1. What did you do TO your F-150 today?

    How are you connecting the electrical to your new lights?
  2. Request VIN Lookup Thread

    Could someone please lookup whether I have an any module updates pending? My VIN is 1FTFW1ED7NFC16877.
  3. 2024 Order Process Moving Quick (UPDATED)

    That is a nice looking truck. Things can still go wrong when in transit, but once they report that it is in transit, things generally go pretty quickly.
  4. NHTSA Safety Recall (23V-896) on 113,000 F-150 Trucks with Trailer Tow Max Duty Package

    Where exactly was the broken bolt when you discovered that it was broken? Was it sitting in the location where it normally would and then you removed it, did it fall on the floor when you removed the wheel, or something else? I too assumed I would hear something, but now I think I should check...
  5. Welders please school me, is flux welding a few tacks on a crossmember ok?

    I do a lot of DIY that most professionals are impressed with because I'm skilled enough, educate myself enough, and I'm not trying to make a living doing it. In almost every instance before I started, I researched and asked for advice. Asking for advice does not necessarily indicate something...
  6. Roll-n-lock A XT VS. RetraxPro XR

    Yes, you can open it as little as you want and lock it in place. If you leave it cracked open, someone could easily pry it open further with a pry bar, but that would not be a simple task. I had a back flip and now have the Retrax XR. I think the Retrax is great and like being able to close...
  7. Post Your List of Repairs/Failures (Warranty, or otherwise)

    How long do you think it took you to realize the horn didn't work? I think it might take me months.
  8. Motorized gear shift lever???

    What he said ^. I do have to say that it is one of my 3 year old grandson’s favorite features. When he “drives” Grandpa’s truck, it gets a lot of use. He seems to appreciate that it is somewhat loud and not very smooth. I do take his opinion with a grain of salt because he seems to be a big...
  9. What I really want is a luxury full size 4wd suv without 3rd row seating.

    Have you looked at the Lexus GX 550 Overtrail?
  10. Tow Mirrors Vs Regular

    I really like the tow mirrors, but didn't like the way they looked when I first got them. However, after a year with them, I actually like the way they look and now think the standard mirrors look undersized. ;)
  11. FORScan Changes Made; 6.8 Update Fail - Coincidence?

    I have glare free enable, which I did many months ago, but as others have mentioned, that may not be an issue. A week ago, I received a notice that my truck was going to install 6.8 the following day at my scheduled time. Since I was done using my truck for a few hours, I went ahead and...
  12. Anyone Have a VIN w/ a Window Sticker for a 2024 Platinum or King Ranch?

    My 2022 Platinum does not have the multi-contour seats, and my winder sticker for the seats looks just like the window sticker in the image above. My window sticker did show a small credit for the seats, but I assume Ford did away with that credit. If the truck as the multi-contour seats, it...
  13. Request VIN Lookup Thread

    Could someone please my truck for module updates ? My VIN is 1FTFW1ED7NFC16877. I recently received OTA 6.8.0 and it appears as though Blue Cruise is no longer functioning. I don't use it very often, but it didn't work last time I tried it. I'll try again on the way home tonight to verify.
  14. 2023 Raptor Market Adj

    I read somewhere here as reported from Ford that only 4% of trucks built in 2024 will be Platinums. I'm sure the percentage is small for Raptors, but the market is likely much smaller too.
  15. Am I going to regret the 26-gallon tank?

    As long as your order has not been scheduled for production yet, changing your order should be very simple assuming you don't have a dealer that is a pain, and you are not changing something major like the powertrain. I changed mine after I placed the order, and Granger made it very simple. If...
  16. Rear Battery and "deep sleep"

    I think @HammaMan was doing some experimentation with that battery and has been using an alternative. He could probably provide some good insight.
  17. Adding a Wheel Liner

    I was going to ask the same question. I have the OEM, and I'm not the impressed especially with the front liners. Based on what I have seen, I will likely go with Husky in the future.
  18. Payload comparison

    You do correctly point out that there are many threads regarding payload and some containing some great information, which you have contributed to -- thank you. However, the default search function for this site is terrible. If you search "payload" (I know, a board term), the first ten results...
  19. NHTSA Safety Recall (23V-896) on 113,000 F-150 Trucks with Trailer Tow Max Duty Package

    The report states that: As of December 02, 2023, there were 376 warranty reports related to rear axle bolt breakage and stripped hub splines resulting in loss of motive power and/or loss of park, received from January 8, 2022, through November 27, 2023. Does this mean that there were 376...
  20. Anybody know which soft starter you guys use for your 7.2 kw?

    I have run a circular saw, battery charger, portable table saw, and a 26 gallon air compressor without any issue or a soft starter. It does probably depend on the specific tool or appliance.