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  1. Ford Responsiveness

    I'm lucky and have had a completely different experience. I responded to a post regarding the phantom messages involving the trailering system. I had that problem, also the no-start problem (full accessory power mode & stop safely now messages), and lane centering system no-op. Ford's...
  2. Ford ESP Extended Service Plan offered @ dealer cost (by Granger Ford - February only special)!

    Thanks for the info! Most appreciated. I'll try my dealership again about this.
  3. Ford ESP Extended Service Plan offered @ dealer cost (by Granger Ford - February only special)!

    When I bought my '23 Lariat PB last July, I purchased an ESP from the dealer. There were two options available then I wish I would have purchased; the key fob replacement and the enhanced rental car coverage. Does anyone know if those can be added on after the fact? Truck is 6 months old and...
  4. Power up 6.5.0 with an advanced warning that it'd install.

    I've had my '23 PB since July. Started to get updates in October, but never this message beforehand. However, I got that message yesterday for an installation at 1 AM this morning. When I got in and started the truck today, there was a several second pause before the screens came on, and then...
  5. What size wheels and tires for snow?

    Same here. I've been running stock size winter tires on my F-150's since my 2000. Have also only used Bridgestone's; WS series on our cars and the DMV series since those came out. Great winter tires.
  6. just a funny driving last night

    I filled up the other day and happened to glance down at the instrument cluster at a stop light. Impressive range and MPG. If only, right?
  7. Bluetooth connection drops at certain locations

    Merry Christmas to all.. Great info from the forum as always. Same happens to me, and glad it isn’t a truck problem. I listen to an FM HD radio station and without fail, the station blips out every time I enter my block heading east after 300 feet. That one I figured is just a weak spot or...
  8. Phantom alerts (dash warning)

    I feel your pain. The same thing happens on my '23 PB purchased in July. It seems to happen on drives of at least 30 minutes or more. The chimes will go off and a pop up message briefly appears on the instrument panel and disappears. Sometimes, there will just be a real quick couple of chimes...
  9. What happens when an OTA is sent to your vehicle? (step-by-step breakdown of the OTA process)

    Thanks for sending this out. I was wondering how this process works. Here's to hoping the fix for the no start condition (Full Accessory Power On, Stop Safely Now messages) will be an OTA update soon. Clock ticking on 4Q delivery...
  10. Program 23B24

    Got my letter on Monday.
  11. HVAC Auto Climate Control too Hot

    i noticed the same situation last week with my '23 Lariat. Didn't have any issues with my previous 3 F-150's starting with a '97.
  12. Fuel Economy MyView Gauge

    Always there on mine, too.
  13. Windshield Wipes poor operation

    Piling on with the Bosch Icon recommendation & keeping windshield clean. Also, I periodically wipe the wiper blades themselves with an alcohol prep pad.
  14. 23’ Powerboost stuck in “Full accessory power”

    Before I start whining about the recent episode, let me ask a couple questions before a way too long post. I'm game to try unplugging a cable the next time this happens. A couple of questions first. It looks like the cable is to the lower left of the two pipes. First, how does the...
  15. Best wipers for my ‘21 F-150

    I was a Trico user for a long time until I discovered Bosch Icon's. I've been using the Icon's for years now. I have also had really good luck with them in the winter and I haven't had to use winter blades since.
  16. What tire came on your PowerBoost?

    My '23 PB came with the Pirelli Scorpions, 275 60 20's.
  17. 2023 PB 2K miles wont start “stop safely now” has happened twice already

    I feel your pain. I’ve had my ‘23 PB four weeks now. Was stranded twice with the no start condition and the “Full accessory power mode on” and “Stop safely now” messages at the end of week one. Week two was spent in the shop at the dealership. Hybrid tech grabbed codes (listed in different...
  18. 23’ Powerboost stuck in “Full accessory power”

    And for reference, mine is a Jan '23 build date.
  19. 23’ Powerboost stuck in “Full accessory power”

    Got my truck back from the dealership mid-morning yesterday. Good experience overall with how seriously the dealership took the problem. I was kept up to date on the status while the truck was there. I was also provided a loaner for the whole time. These are the codes I was provided; U0230 BCM...
  20. Accessory mode. Stop safely now

    I've posted on a different thread about my experience with this issue. I've had my '23 Powerboost two weeks now, and week two was spent with the truck in the shop. The service advisor told me the hybrid tech when through their various debugging flowcharts and nothing unusual was found. There...