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  1. Alabama JB4 w/bluetooth

    JB4 V3 with Bluetooth connect kit. Prefer to sell locally (located in Huntsville, AL), willing to ship too. $475 shipped via USPS Priority PM me if you are interested.
  2. Alabama Sold: MBRP Armor Pro T304 Exhaust w/extras

    MBRP Armor Pro S521304 3” cat-back exhaust. Full T304 stainless. Fits 2021-2023, 2.7L/3.5L EcoBoost, 5.0L Engines, PowerBoost Excluded. Comes with everything as if bought new and extras listed below. Extras: brand new clamps, new piping, and larger resonator (deeper notes and no drone). All...
  3. OTA Status Hidden in the Ford Website

    Bummer. Can you check my VIN with your system to see if there's anything further? 1FTFW1E86NFB71398
  4. OTA Status Hidden in the Ford Website

    Here's what mine came up with, currently have 3.5.2: { "displayOTAStatusReport": "UserAllowed", "ccsStatus": { "ccsConnectivity": "On", "ccsVehicleData": "On" }, "error": null, "fuseResponse": null, "tappsResponse": { "vin": "removed"...
  5. 2021+ F-150 FORScan List / Database / Spreadsheet ?

    After doing the Glare Free Menu, I noticed that my lights are almost always on now. I keep my light switch on auto. Did one of the settings adjust the sensitivity of the light sensor?
  6. 06/20/22 Build Week

    Can you post or PM me the link? I was just looking at those lights 10 minutes ago wondering if there was an LED replacement.
  7. Texas Burger Tuning JB4 3.5L Ecoboost w/ Data Cable

    I’ll take it please.
  8. 06/20/22 Build Week

    Picked her up today. They honored our original deal: invoice, price protection, and $1500 in rebates. Very happy. Thoroughly check your vehicle over though, I found a deep scratch about an inch and a half long on the lower passenger door. They did a great job repairing it.
  9. 06/20/22 Build Week

    Picking up Wednesday, can’t wait!!
  10. 06/20/22 Build Week

    My dealer text me yesterday and said they received an email with tracking info and my truck will arrive today or tomorrow. 🤞🏼
  11. 06/20/22 Build Week

    Received a shipped email from Ford last night! Est arrival July 20 - 26.
  12. 06/20/22 Build Week

    yes, got it this morning. Est delivery July 20-26. Huntsville, AL
  13. 06/20/22 Build Week

    Did you get an email from Ford saying it was built with an estimated delivery date?
  14. 06/20/22 Build Week

    I see BCE modules on the site shared above and see the activate button in FordPass. I’ll have to download the file on my computer to get a count of the modules.
  15. 06/20/22 Build Week

    What do you mean when you say did all modules populate? How do you see that? I see activate in the FordPass app.
  16. 2022 F-150 Product Offering Changes

    Can you show us some photos of them?
  17. 06/20/22 Build Week

    Sticker is now showing! 6/24 blend date.
  18. 06/20/22 Build Week

    Bumped from July 4th week to June 20th. Tracker says in production but no window sticker yet.