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  1. Mirror spotlamps inoperative

    I have searched the forum as well as the owner's manual and I cannot understand what I am doing wrong. The LED spotlamps on the mirrors do not come on with the button. They do come on with zone lighting, so I know they work, but no combination of button pressing and headlight switch position...
  2. Transfer PCO to family member?

    Of course my dad receives a $2500 PCO in the mail. But we live at same address. Can he transfer to me?
  3. Where to buy Ford extended service plan?

    When I bought my 2018 Honda Accord the finance guy started at $3,400 for a HondaCare extended warranty and I finally buckled at $1640, only to get home and find out i could have paid $840 online. Is there a low margin high volume warranty dealer selling Ford ESP? How much are yall paying for ESPs?