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  1. Tire cut or delaminating?

    To me, it looks like it was cut, only because at the 12 o'clock area, the threads look cut vs frayed and it may have split more after it was cut. Who/what ever did this, the tool they used was SHARP !!!
  2. Corsa Sport Mid Exit 5.0 installed - sound clip video

    Here are the replacement corner protectors minus the fin. Not sure which one is driver/passenger, but google or Ford parts will specify that. ML3Z-99292A22-CA ML3Z-99292A23-CA
  3. How to disable cylinders deactivation on 5.0 V8?

    The 5.7 Hemi's had more issues with their cams than MDS. Had 2 Ram's (2010 &2013 with 5.7's) and never had an issue with either and I drove them pretty hard.
  4. Is it safe and prudent to drive 1400 miles with a new truck.

    Another way to vary your speed is taking easy off/on ramps. I have a 2 hr drive back home from Granger but I'll be hitting every or every-other exit where I can just exit and drive straight across to get back on the interstate. And switching gears while driving to vary engine RPM's.
  5. Blacked Out F150s... Let's See Em!

    Then he drove it 2 blocks to get gas.....:sneaky: :oops: LOVE your truck, but a black truck requires too much maintenance for me.
  6. Crush washer "trick"

    So it can conform to the sealing surface better and use less pressure (torque) when tightening the oil drain plug or valve to achieve a good seal.....without the use of an impact 😉
  7. Crush washer "trick"

    I bought a bag of 10 copper crush washers on Amazon so when I install an oil drain valve, I won't have to use an aluminum crush washer. After watching a video about annealing them, I decided to check to see if my new ones were pre-annealed....they were not. I tried to bend one with my fingers...
  8. Anybody have their 24 built and/or delivered yet?

    22 years of "hurry up and wait" in the USAF has given me an extreme amount of patience....it'll get here when it gets here and no amount of bitching, moaning, or nagging will get it here any faster.
  9. Anybody have their 24 built and/or delivered yet?

    From the same article ^^^ "Ford also said that this week it began shipping the first newly designed gas-powered 2024 model F-150 pickups to dealers. Ford said it expects "to ramp up shipments in the coming weeks as we complete thorough launch quality checks to ensure these new F-150s meet our...
  10. Anybody have their 24 built and/or delivered yet?

    Don't feel bad, mine was built on 1/22 but no window sticker on the tracking page. I did find it this way: https://windowsticker.forddirect.com/windowsticker.pdf?vin= Just type in your VIN at the end, copy, paste and search.
  11. Need opinions on a 2023 Tremor Hood Paint concern

    You can use it with soapy water (after you’ve washed your truck) or any spray detailer.
  12. Need opinions on a 2023 Tremor Hood Paint concern

    Real clay bars work great....until you drop them and have to toss it... been there,done that. Then I tried the Mothers Speed Clay 2.0. Works just as good, less finger/hand cramping, and if you drop it, just rinse it off and keep going. Easy peasy !!
  13. A Joke & Memes thread

    ^^ 🤦‍♂️ C'mon Navy, I expect better from ya ! GO AIR FORCE !!!! 😛:LOL::ROFLMAO:
  14. Anybody have their 24 built and/or delivered yet?

    Looks like the "Interior work surface" is added to the XL 103A High also.
  15. Uncommanded Parking Brake activation after a stop?

    Ah, look.....another example of the "sucks the sweat off a dead man's balls" BMS system....can't even keep a fairly important (sarcasm) system working... AS/S and the BMS system needs some serious overhauling, and soon !!! At least I know now, that when my 24 arrives, I need to turn off the...
  16. any idea what this plug is for?

    I know it's a misprint / oops, but just wondering how the 4WD works.....with a 3.73 rear and a 4.10 front...😜
  17. Anybody have their 24 built and/or delivered yet?

    I also have a In Production 1/22, called Chip at Granger about 1.5 wks ago and he said it was built on 1/22 and is waiting to be shipped but they're having a hard time finding enough car haulers.
  18. 0% interest rates making a return?

    Does it include 2024's ??