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  1. vs. CyberTruck - A fair shake

    I'm surprised no one has mentioned this video about the CT yet. It is REALLY long but it highlights a lot of the issues that I haven't seen anyone mention in other videos. Like how the rear view is basically non-existent if the tonneau is closed AND it's raining. You're relying on the camera...
  2. Bullbar that doesn't interfere with sensors?

    Why would a bullbar interfere with air bag sensors? They detect sudden deleceration. So nothing you put on the front of your truck should cause issues with airbags deploying.
  3. Noco Genius Users - Pulsing Green

    The maintenance cycle on the NOCO chargers does not "complete". It maintains that float charge until you disconnect it. If your NOCO is pulsing green, you are good to remove it anytime you want.
  4. Power boost ev to gas pull

    I have only noticed the EV to Gas surge when I'm parked at work. Usually, I'm parked on a street with a slight incline. I can get the surge to happen pretty reliably when parked there, turning the wheel and accelerating to quickly merge with traffic. Otherwise, it's been pretty smooth with...
  5. Towing Question

    I'll be towing my 5th wheel with my PB once the weather warms up again. I've got a PB XLT with 1648# of payload. My 5th wheel is a little over 5K dry so I should have enough wiggle room to be safe without going on a diet. I'm new to towing so all these threads with advice are invaluable to...
  6. Highest Supercharged Mileage

    From what I remember while discussing power adders in the Mustang forums and FB chats, it's pretty much accepted and understood (in those chats) that once you exceed 600+ horsepower, the stock cats are going to degrade. I believe the consensus was the extra heat from the boost murders your...
  7. Anti-Theft Idea from Facebook

    I knew a guy in Phoenix that got tired of his cars getting stolen so he installed a magnetic kill switch under his dash. He carried around a strong magnet to close the switch which then allowed him to start the car. It was pretty funny watching him walk around with a magnet in his pocket and...
  8. Vibration/rattling from behind glove box

    I have an annoying rattle that comes and goes from the passenger side on the right side of the glovebox. I poked around the area one day and noticed a side panel that looked like it was not clipped in all the way. I gave it a push, it clicked loudly and when I pushed on the back, where the...
  9. Windshield Fogging... Normal?

    I've also not noticed more condensation than usual after temperature swings. Having lived all over the country, that phenomenon seems to be more frequent in humid areas. As your location is listed as USA, I can only speculate that you probably live someplace with humidity. I live in the...
  10. New battery; H7 or H8?

    OK. Curiosity sated! I appreciate the detailed explanation. I was perfectly happy to ignore my battery after my low power warnings went away but now I'm thinking I need to look into monitoring my battery state.
  11. New battery; H7 or H8?

    You tested your voltage for giggles... that implies you weren't having any issues that you noticed. Why not leave it alone until you start noticing issues and see what your voltage is then? If the voltage is lower than the number we think it should be at but you're not experiencing any...
  12. Moisture in Headlights 302A - 2021 xlt

    I have a 23' 302A XLT powerboost. We've been experiencing wild temperature swings and unusually abundant precipitation. I have not noticed any condensation in the headlight. Does the condensation go away after you turn your headlights on for a minute?
  13. My Daughters DC trip

    Haven't been here very long at all but even I've learned from Jesse's posts. Donated.
  14. thinking of battery replacement out of pocket

    There is a process to reset the BMS when you install a new battery. If I recall correctly, you put the truck in accessory mode, flash the high beams 5 times, then press the brakes 3 time. You should see the battery icon flash. Turn the truck off and you should be ready to start the engine and...
  15. 2022 OEM LED taillights VS Morimoto XB taillights

    Just in case anyone else is not familiar with the 846 acronyms required to discuss the 14th gen F-150, OBS = On-Board Scales. Apparently, the Morimoto Xb taillights are not compatible with that system and they do mention that on their website under compatibility in TINY text.
  16. How big is your garage?

    As if you needed any more reasons to get a jackshaft style opener, modern ones tend to have battery back-ups built in (this has come in handy so many times)!
  17. Replaced my battery with an H8. My observations:

    I did make it to the dealer and they did not find any issues with the battery. They did fix my auto up window with a "switch re-learn"... didn't know that was a thing. Since the week before my visit to the dealer (which I quoted above), the truck has been functioning 100%. This is after...
  18. How big is your garage?

    When the wife and I moved to Nevada, we really wanted some shop space to park our vehicles out of the sun/weather and have room for my tools and our projects. We lucked out big time! The measurements escape me at the moment but it's a "T-shaped" space that can fit 3 vehicles of almost any size...
  19. thinking of battery replacement out of pocket

    Under the smaller rear seat, there is a box for a small 12V battery. I've heard it referred to as the "keep alive" battery that will preserve settings even if you remove the 12V battery under the hood.
  20. Overthinking Powerboost GVWR but I was asked to ask

    I've got a 23' PB XLT that is lightly equipped. I've got a payload of 1648. My only mods are a spray in bed liner.. not sure how much weight that actually takes up. If you're willing to forego an apparently literal 1/4 ton of creature comforts, you can get a reasonable-ish payload even with a...