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  1. Request VIN Lookup Thread

    Thanks for checking. It seems increasingly likely that I will have to do the DIY route if I want any updates in a timely fashion. Thanks again, everyone!
  2. Request VIN Lookup Thread

    Much appreciated. Any indication of failed OTA updates in the system (and possible error codes)?
  3. Request VIN Lookup Thread

    Bumping this request if anyone has the time. Thanks!
  4. Wireless Sync Disconnects In the Same Spot Daily Now?

    I got a quick reply from the FCC complaint... It seems like their response boils down to "deal with it."
  5. Wireless Sync Disconnects In the Same Spot Daily Now?

    I submitted an informal complaint to the FCC on the section of I-794 in Milwaukee, WI. I guess we'll see if they chase it down or not... In case you get bored yourselves: https://consumercomplaints.fcc.gov/hc/en-us
  6. Community Mongoose (Reprogramming Vehicle Interface) Lending Thread

    Is there anyone in the Milwaukee, WI area that has a Mongoose and would be willing to guide a noob through the process? I am not sure I am ready to take this on without someone who has been there before leading me in person, despite being comfortable with Forscan. Perferablly in a show, help...
  7. Wireless Sync Disconnects In the Same Spot Daily Now?

    I make sure my Wi-Fi is busy doing something else, like hosting a hotspot or being fully turned off. Otherwise, it will default to the wireless connection. This is my experience with iOS.
  8. Request VIN Lookup Thread

    I am looking to see if anyone can let me know if I have had any failed updates per the backend. VIN: 1FTFW1ED4MFB76286
  9. Factory Jack Bed Relocation Project Using Molle Panel

    I will toss this out here since we are talking fire extinguishers now. I've got one in my truck. I haven't had to use it, but the one I did test seemed to work well. I ended up going with the 100 in my truck; I would rather have the extra 50 seconds than not...
  10. Wireless Sync Disconnects In the Same Spot Daily Now?

    It's the same issue on a stretch of 794 in downtown Milwaukee. If I am plugged in, there are no problems; wirelessly, it drops every time I go through there...
  11. 2021 Owners - What is your OTA Version?

    I am in the same boat as you. The last update I have is the 23-PU0724-DOM-RS... Not feeling the love from Ford despite being enrolled in the early access program.
  12. Factory Jack Bed Relocation Project Using Molle Panel

    They have a case that’ll fit about 8 standard size ratchet straps without blocking the light. Or in my case 4 ratchet straps and a bunch of bungee cords.
  13. Ford uploads (not updates) over WiFi?

    Yeah, I don't have any idea what my truck is uploading since it is hidden behind TLS...
  14. Battery Maintainer

    I've had my 10A installed and maintaining my Powerboost since I got it back in 2021. I wouldn't change a thing about it: https://www.f150gen14.com/forum/posts/263506/
  15. iPhone MagSafe Mount for Work Surface Trucks

    Does the USB-C in the front cubby have enough power for the Magsafe puck?
  16. Will 12V battery charge with remote start?

    I haven't tested this, but I wonder if you could run an extension cord out the back of the pro-power in the bed to an under-the-hood battery tender, and then when the truck remote starts, see if the pro-power turns on and then charges the truck... I might have to experiment to see if that works...
  17. LFP batt installed in-place of 7ah aux batt -- Power draw analysis

    @HammaMan did you ever get around to finishing this testing in such a way that you would be comfortable doing a write up?
  18. Switching From Lightning - Powerboost Reliability?

    I've got a 21 PB with the FX4 package that I ordered on March 21 and took delivery on May 21. At this point, it has 26k miles on it and not a lick of trouble with it (minus the couple of recalls it has had; what vehicle doesn't these days?). I love having the 7.2kw available when the power goes...
  19. First of Many electric vehcile woe stories?

    So let me get this right: He bought an electric vehicle and didn't research to know that in order to fill it up quickly, he needed a charger. (He could slow charge overnight with an extension cord) So he bought two chargers, one for his house and one for his office. Then whined about the cost...