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  1. Virginia Spare Tire - Free

    Spare Tire 17 inch from my ‘22 XLT, never used, free if someone wants to pick it up. I am in Virginia Beach, Va.
  2. 2024 Navigation Now Subscription Based Only

    As I looked through the new order guide as well as the online build and price it appears navigation has gone exclusively to a subscription based service. Every '24 F-150 trim level now comes standard with a 12 inch screen and connected navigation with a one year trial included. Unlike the...
  3. Virginia Sold: Rear Bumper Face Bar (Chrome Right Side New)

    I have a brand new rear chrome right side bumper face bar for 21-23 F-150. I dinged my left side and in Ford’s divine wisdom I had to purchase both sides. Right side brand new never installed. $250 plus shipping.
  4. Virginia Sold: Power Fold Chrome Mirrors

    Power Fold Chrome Mirrors with blind spot, heat, spotlights and puddle lights(no camera) in excellent condition, $500 shipped.
  5. New Super Duty Double Honk Delete - Could F-150 Get The Same?

    So, it appears on the new 2023 Super Duty you have the option to turn off the annoying double honk feature. Watch the video at the 2:18 point to see how, anybody think we might get an update for our F-150's to do the same?
  6. Navigation - Reverts to 3D Each Time I Start Vehicle Since OTA Software Update - Anybody Else?

    I usually set my navigation to 2D track up and it stays there every time I start my truck. But, ever since the OTA update a few days ago it is reverting to 3D track up every time I start my truck. I never had this problem before and it is doing the same now in my Bronco since it was updated...
  7. Virginia Sold: Power Fold Chrome Mirror Pair

    Power fold chrome mirror pair in great condition. They include the power fold, cameras, heated, blind spot lights, puddle lights, spotlights and signals. These will work on 2021 & 2022 F-150's with or without the 360 camera setup. I know the chrome looks spotty in the photos but it's not, they...
  8. Virginia Sold: 2021/2022 XLT Driver & Passenger Side Mirrors

    Selling the driver and passenger side mirrors removed from my 2022 XLT in excellent condition. They are Heated with Blind Spot, Puddle Lamps, Spotlights and Signals. *NO CAMERA* They are manual fold as power fold is not available on the XLT trim levels. $450 shipped
  9. XLT Power Folding Mirrors Retrofit - How To

    Ok, it took me a while but I was finally able to retrofit my XLT with power folding mirrors just like the Lariat and above trim levels have. My truck is a '22 XLT Crew 4x4 with the 5.0 and 302A High Package. Here is what I did; Step one is buy a set of mirrors, I bought a pair of chrome '21...
  10. Virginia Sold: F-150 New Chrome Takeoff Wheels & Tires TPMS Included $800

    New Ford F-150 OEM Wheels and Michelin Primacy Tires P275/65R18 including center caps and TPMS tire pressure sensors still installed. Removed from 2022 F-150. $800
  11. Virginia Sold: Chrome Grille New Takeoff XLT Chrome Appearance Package

    For sale is my new takeoff XLT Chrome Grille, perfect shape, $175 and you pay shipping.
  12. Virginia Sold: Power Folding Chrome Mirrors w/Camera

    I'm looking for a set of standard size chrome folding mirrors with camera included.
  13. Virginia Sold: WTB 20" Chrome-Like PVD Wheels

    If anybody decides to part with their stock 20" Chrome-Like PVD Wheels I would be very interested.