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  1. Archaic tail lights, anyone running them?

    Just curious if anyone is running these yet. I have a friend with a Tundra who ordered them for his truck. I am running the Morimoto red tails and they are excellent in the build quality, but I do like the sequential turn signal and startup animation on these...
  2. Short antenna and OEM tailgate assist installed!

    Got these all done last night. Slowly chipping away at the exterior stuff and figuring out what I want to do next. Most likely start planning out the paint to match stuff.
  3. Best bed mat?

    Leaning towards the Ford OEM one since I'm not a huge fan of the other options with the huge logos on them. I'm assuming they are really all the same in construction and fit.
  4. Iowa Sold: BAK Revolver X2 tonneau cover for 21+ F-150 6'7" bed - $700

    Up for sale is a BAK Revolver X2 hard folding tonneau cover. It fits a 21+ F-150 with the 6'7" bed. Was on the truck for approximately a year and is in nearly perfect shape. Comes with all the clamps, hardware, rails, and cover. These covers are very durable, secure, and fit amazing. Retails new...
  5. What size wheels and tires for snow?

    RCSB XL truck - assuming it's best to just try and run a set of 17's since they are the smallest wheels that clear stock brakes? Stock size is 245/70/17. Pretty narrow and tall. Thinking of going with Blizzak DMV2's since I have no need for an LT tire.
  6. Aftermarket steering wheel install with heat, paddle shifters, and LED display

    Hey guys, getting ready to order an aftermarket steering wheel for my 22 XL. I plan to add heat, paddle shifters, and the steering wheel has an LED display built into it as well. From what I understand I need for the heated steering wheel to work: W721079-S437 - steering wheel bolt WPT-404 -...
  7. Installing factory brake controller?

    Anyone installed the factory trailer brake controller on a vehicle that didn't have it? I found the harness and connector in my glove box that looks like it would go to an aftermarket one, but would rather just use the factory brake controller if possible. Thanks!
  8. Bed storage with tonneau cover on RCSB?

    What are you guys doing for storage for your misc. stuff like emergency equipment? In my 2013 Raptor I have the Undercover swing cases on each side of the bed as the area under the rear seat has my rifle as well as a single subwoofer, and I wanted to try and retain as much interior space as...
  9. What size wheels for drag/street tires?

    For those running drag/sticky street tire wheels - what size is recommended? I know to clear stock brakes minimum size is 17". My regular wheels are 22" and look great, but I would love to have another set of wheels for when I need something for more traction. Thanks!
  10. Adding keyless entry pad?

    Anyone added the keyless entry pad to their truck that didn't come with it? I'm pretty sure they have one that just sticks on and uses a battery, but I'm wondering if the pillar mounted one could be added to an XL. Thanks!
  11. Dash cam recommendations?

    Hey guys, looking to add a dash cam. The plan is to put the rear camera in place of the factory bed camera so that it can be used as a bed camera, but also will give a good vantage point for the rear recording. I'm wondering if anyone has maybe put a camera in place of the factory front one to...
  12. Suspension mods for 2WD

    Currently have a 22 XL 2WD with the IHC 4/6 kit. Wanting to maybe upgrade the springs and shocks as well, but curious what the recommended route is. Thanks!
  13. Regular cab seat/console swap options?

    Hello! 2022 XL with cloth 40/20/40 seat setup. I'm pretty sure I've seen trucks with a center console in a regular cab so I'm assuming there must be a swap available, but obviously then you end up with a 2 seater instead of 3. Are there any seat swaps or console upgrades for the 40/20/40 setup...
  14. Best floor mats for regular cab?

    Had WeatherTech in the past but had curling issues with them and went to Husky liners in my 13 Raptor. Thinking of going with Husky liners again this time around.
  15. Best headlights, fog lights, tail lights, and third brake light?

    2022 XL, base lighting. Planning to go with Diode Dynamics Elite Max headlights and white fog lights, and Morimoto red tail lights with third brake light. I like the integration the DD headlights and fog lights have with each other. On the tails I think the smoked is a bit too bland and don't...