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  1. High Trans temps

    I’ve been noticing that my trans temps have been around 212 the last several weeks and today was over 220 a few times, too the point where my monitor was flashing red over the dials. I was just driving around town. Not towing or pushing hard. Should I be worried or do something? I don’t have...
  2. Reading asBuilt files from motorcraft?

    I've downloaded my asbuilt file from the motorcraft website, but I am trying to figure out how to get it into excel in a format that I can read like a normal person. What kind of formatting is this in, its not XML or JSON so I am struggling to import and parse it easily....really dont want to...
  3. What IPC software is this?

    Saw this guy post on Reddit about his Powerboost and was curious because the dash looks different than anything I had seen before, particularly the gauges.
  4. Livernois Tuner Sale

    Didnt see this advertised anywhere and just randomly checked their website for BF Deals. Tuners are down to $499 with code 23FlashF150. Just picked up my tuner and e-Boost option for $600.
  5. Question about 120v AC Plugs

    Do any of the smart people here know of the outlet inside the can is run off the 12v or 280v battery? Going be doing a lot of FDRS updates next week and am curious about plugging in to here while the truck is off and only on a tender.
  6. Bead Damage - Think these will hold air?

    Got some Rivian Take offs and was going to throw them on, but 1 of them has some bead damage. Curious what you guys think?
  7. Horn is going dead

    So I was laying on my horn the other day and after like 2 seconds it went half dead. Sounds like Meep Meep roadrunner horn now. Any idea on what I need to look for in terms of fuses or replacement horn part #s?
  8. Maximizing MPGs at high speed

    So I recognize that driving fast is counter to getting the best MPG, so I’m just trying to figure out what settings I can change to maximize for my situation. I drive mostly highway miles where the speed limit is 75-85mph so I’m usually driving 90 just to not get run over. I usually run...
  9. Sync display not starting correctly

    So for about a month now when I get in and start my truck my SYNC screen does not boot up correctly. Sometimes its black, sometimes it hangs on the Ford Logo loading screen. Usually, it will restart itself and sort itself out, but sometimes I have to turn the truck off, get out lock it and start...
  10. Talk to me about Extended Warranties

    Hi all so I have been enjoying my 2021 Powerboost Platinum and about to hit my 36k miles mark. The truck has been solid for me so far no issues at all that required a trip to the dealer. That said this thing has a ton of computers/electrical equipment that is relatively new and every once in a...