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  1. WDH Or Not?

    Which one is that? I'm eyeing the Grey Wolf Black Label 18RRBL
  2. Anyone come up with tunes for newer 2023/2024 3.5 ECO??

    If Ford has genuinely encrypted the ECU then he's probably right. I'm not sure what TRON fully entails though, as it doesn't apply to me.
  3. Anyone come up with tunes for newer 2023/2024 3.5 ECO??

    oh hell I didn't know that's what they were doing when you got there.. that's a bummer. I saw a guy do it in his garage but there was substantial programming involved after physically replacing the ECU and I think the ECU was $1200 so really $800 to fix that problem really isn't bad (sucks...
  4. Anyone come up with tunes for newer 2023/2024 3.5 ECO??

    Livernois can do a 23 but you have to go to them; not via email. I have seen YT video of people putting a 22 ECU into a 23 truck to enable email tune functionality.
  5. Police Engine Idle

    I've even got a lock button on the door handle but it's inoperative for the first 5 seconds after exiting the vehicle..
  6. Opinions Wanted

    I have the shortbed and the turning radius is still poor.
  7. VLEDS Liscense Plate Reverse Light Bar

    I too would like to increase my reverse lighting but would prefer not to molest the factory wiring into the taillights. I have been eyeballing this: https://www.diodedynamics.com/hitchmount-led-pod-reverse-kit-for-2021-2023-ford-f-150.html Its plug and play, no wires are tapped, and claims...
  8. Reverse braking not available

    Somewhere on this forum I think I learned that if you have an aftermarket spray in bedliner, the act of taking the tailgate off during the spray in process messes up the calibration of the camera in the tailgate and causes that error to occur. The dealer can re-calibrate the camera, probably...
  9. Roush intake installed on 2023 PowerBoost Platinum

    My instructions said to, and I did, and I didn't get a CEL. I did drive it very lightly for 2mi without the white airflow straightener (to get the tool needed to install the damned thing) and the CEL did not come on in that short time.
  10. Sport Badge front camera only comes w/ washer

    How did you turn XLT into actual tea?
  11. Complimentary Ford Pick Up & Delivery and Ford Mobile Service — Vehicle Service That Fits Your Life

    Mine too offered then forgot; when I told them they put me on hold and there was some commotion but the vehicle was delivered.
  12. Roush intake installed on 2023 PowerBoost Platinum

    I was hoping to see your truck with which Cervini hood on it, as there aren't many photos of 21+ with this. And then whatever you've got on how the CAI fits against this hood; I've got the AFe magnum and I'm skeptical about it's fit against the bottom of my stock hood. I'm also interested in...
  13. Roush intake installed on 2023 PowerBoost Platinum

    Can you post images about this?
  14. Tremor Grille LED Lights!

    Is that hood stock?
  15. My 23 Avalanche 3.5EB 4x4 build

    What was your best quarter mile on the Livernois? I only see an 1/8th mile.
  16. Android Streaming boxes - MMB, Magic Box, Carlinkit, etc

    Posting to say I was considering a $375 option but after reading this thread, bought the Carlinkit and have found it to be acceptable. Only issue so far is that google maps does not pinch-to-zoom, but maps has a one finger solution. The carlinkit is a bit slow and I find that audio via pandora...
  17. Fluttering noise

    Did it fix it? Mine makes a strange noise at unmentionable speeds, right in that same area.
  18. Livernois or 5Star Powerboost Tune?

    I think the dealer can only check keycycles against miles; if you've driven 10,000 miles but only turned the key off 3 times then you obviously just flashed back to stock. I see YT videos of guys starting then stopping their truck after flashing back to stock but before going to the dealer for...
  19. 3.5L EB vs. Supercharged V8

    He doesn't post them so here's a screengrab: