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  1. 2023 XL Center Console Bin outlet

    I am guessing that there is a possible part +harness that I could order to install either a cigarette lighter or usb port, since there is a cover where it goes. I’m assuming that this is a delete item on the xl package, this exists on my 2020 xlt work truck. Any assistance?
  2. Adaptive steering - worth it?!

    I’m a fan of the lane keeping assist, but only on highways with minimal traffic. I haven’t used it much with my new F-150, but I have used it on RAV4 and enjoy it. I was on a long drive in September and barely touched the wheel with my hands for several hours. I’m able to adjust my seat so that...
  3. My 2023 F-150 AREA 51 delivered & In the Wild

    Rattler Sold Out Article I found this article about the Rattler package
  4. My 2023 F-150 AREA 51 delivered & In the Wild

    Unless they reopened the orders. But when I was speaking with my salesman in October, he could not select the rattler package as an option. Earlier orders were being taken.
  5. My 2023 F-150 AREA 51 delivered & In the Wild

    Carbonized Gray was the only color for ‘22 that I really like, but it is similar to a Fusion that I gave to my daughter. With my x plan discount and another discount my salesman was able to work in it wasn’t much more than a similar ‘22
  6. My 2023 F-150 AREA 51 delivered & In the Wild

    I would've considered getting the Rattler package, but it was already closed out when I put in my order.
  7. My 2023 F-150 AREA 51 delivered & In the Wild

    Yes, I tried the same thing with BAP. But other than the rims, I wanted to black rims, it turned out great
  8. My 2023 F-150 AREA 51 delivered & In the Wild

    Same color as Bronco but I think with more black trim on the Bronco it has a slightly different look. It also seems to change with the light
  9. My 2023 F-150 AREA 51 delivered & In the Wild

    My RAV4 TRD is in lunar rock. Now that’s my grocery getter/good gas mileage weekend camping rig.
  10. My 2023 F-150 AREA 51 delivered & In the Wild

    Picked up my ‘23 last night and took it on a duck hunt this morning. Yes this is more than a grocery getter. Although only an XL 101A, it is still a significant upgrade from my ‘09 F250XL I traded in.
  11. 11/28/22 Build Week

    My F150 has arrived. 1st Area 51 for this dealership
  12. 11/28/22 Build Week

    Got the call this afternoon, that my truck has arrived and I'll be picking it up tomorrow afternoon. Here is a timeline of my order; 9/19/22 Ordered 9/20 Order Confirmed 9/29 Scheduled for Production 11/7 10/8/22 Order Changed to different factory (KC) 10/11 New Production Date 11/14 10/13 New...
  13. 11/28/22 Build Week

    That means your truck is being built. It will get the checkmark when the build is entirely complete.
  14. 11/28/22 Build Week

    Carvana is always low from what I have seen. Try We Buy Any Car. Their online quote was better than carvana. Will know more later today after I meet with them.
  15. Rail Car Status Hell

    For rail tracking I’ve been calling 1-800-235-2352 When prompted say “Location” To enter your 1st four letters, use touch tone, voice recognition sucks. So for 4 letters you need to enter 8 digits. I.e., to enter the letter B, enter 2, then 2 again since it is the 2nd letter on the touch tone...
  16. 11/28/22 Build Week

    Same delivery time frame. Could be they are transloading to convoy from there or just a rail switch and it might not be until Monday before it happens at this point
  17. 11/28/22 Build Week

    Our trucks might be on the same train. Also going to the Pgh area.
  18. 11/28/22 Build Week

    . Modules have to started to populate for me tonight. Seeing some progress is exciting👍
  19. 11/28/22 Build Week

    🤞Blend Date 11/29. No modules have populated, we'll see how it goes.
  20. Wrong Factory?

    Thanks for the information, that does seem quit confusing.