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  1. Tested: 2021 F-150 Hybrid PowerBoost is faster than 2021 F-150 Raptor (on the streets)

    Guys still gotta whip out their "Johnson's: and have a measuring contest? Yawn.
  2. Blacked Out '22 Carbonized Gray (DIY Black Appearance Package (BAP) in progress)

    Will be tough on the 21. Damn Ford has it everywhere. Has more chrome than a preachers caddie!
  3. Blacked Out '22 Carbonized Gray (DIY Black Appearance Package (BAP) in progress)

    I hear ya. Still pulling my hair out trying to get rid of all that plastic interior chrome. My 21 is Agate black with black interior. Interior looks like crap to me.
  4. Blacked Out '22 Carbonized Gray (DIY Black Appearance Package (BAP) in progress)

    Ford asshats come out with this after I bought my 21. F-ing nice! - Sarcasm alert!:eek:
  5. When it rains, I hear a waterfall near A pillars. Anyone else hear this?

    Really annoyed of late. My 21 Screw FX4 when it rains here in the PNW, I hear a sound like water running through pipes then hitting something on the way down. It is in the A pillar area/where the 2 doors meet on the driver's side. My wife and daughter heard it as well. Is this normal...
  6. BRINK Wheels Company Intro

    All I see are 20's, Have 18's. But thanks anyway.
  7. Fender Badges - anyone changed theirs?

    Tried to plasti dip mine. wouldn't adhere right to the plastic chrome letters. Will buy the Ikonic flag ones today.
  8. What did you do TO your F-150 today?

    Removed OEM FX4 decals. Replaced with flat black ones.
  9. Concerns on the v8 over the 3.5 v6

    My Screw 5.0 "land yacht" goes just fine. lol
  10. Wind noise

    I really don't either. But I will be getting a travel trailer in the future, so I guess I have to go that route. And....They do not have gaps like the standard ones.
  11. Wind noise

    My 10/4 built S-crew has the same issue. The drivers mirror sounds like a wind tunnel. Shitty that Ford would design such crap. Nobody in FoMoCo sat in it in the wind tunnel? Guess I'm going to buy the tow mirrors.
  12. How quiet is the cabin?

    Have my 21 for 6 months now with standard mirrors. The driver side sounds like I have a window or door partially opened, which is not the case. Pulled the mirror, in no noise. Pushed it back out. Sounds like I'm in a Cessna plane. Gonna get the towing mirrors asap.
  13. Ford Chip Supplier Suspends Operations After Earthquake

    Time for Ford to pull It's head out of it's "fourth point of contact". If Korea's Samsung can start building a chip factory in Texas, WTF over? Love my One-Fiddy, despise Ford.
  14. Cold start awful noise from engine / transmission- what is it??

    I get that after driving home and sitting at my community mailbox. Whirring whine sound from the transmission. 4K miles on the truck so far.
  15. Livernois tuners...

    For the love of God....Please crack the CD. WTF were they thinking.
  16. Any dealer installed options I should consider?

    My dealership had the bed liner, ceramic paint coating and upholstery treatment done upon arrival. Also, they installed the hood deflector. Already came with the factory wheel well liners. All worth it IMHO. Good luck!
  17. Here is some new truck picture "porn" taken at the house yesterday.

    The only thing better than truck porn..................Gun porn!