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  1. Could 2025 be a better year?

    Ford announced they were streamlining the options/standard equipment on all 2024's. This is, in part, due to the lack of parts available to all manufactures, along with many other factors. In 2021, I ordered my Platinum in such a way (accidentally, I assure you) that it was built and in my...
  2. Fuel Door Pin

    We have the pleasure of having the only F-150's (to my knowledge) with the remote fuel door. About a month ago, I went to fill up and noticed the door was slightly ajar. I didn't think much of it, assuming I had hit the button accidentally at some point or it didn't close all the way on the last...
  3. Shelby Super Snake

    According to Shelby, there are only 250 of these being built. So, imagine my surprise to see one on my local dealer lot here in NW Arkansas. 770hp & 0-60 in 3.45 seconds....that is a beast! No window sticker, but given my experience with this dealer, and a starting MSRP just over $90K, I'd say...
  4. Spotted my first Tremor

  5. Don’t be me...just don’t

    Locked my keys in the truck. Yes, it is possible! Got out and hit the black lock button on the handle, but didn’t hear anything. So, instinctively, I hit the 7/8 & 9/0 buttons to lock it. Got about 20 ft from the truck when I realized what I had done. 1.) Either memorize or change the door...
  6. Smoked Quartz Platinum - Leveled - 285/65-20's

    Finally picked up 'Smokey' last week and have just been too busy to get some photos posted. Great truck and really happy with the color, the stance, and all the bells and whistles. I am formulating a list of likes and dislikes, but I will post that later. 2021 F150 Powerboost Platinum - Smoked...
  7. A little humor while we wait...

    ? every single day
  8. Treating the rear axle for rust protection?

    There has been a lot of complaints, which are completely warranted, about the rear axel rust that many of the members (and non-members) are experiencing on their F-150. Assuming that Ford isn't going to do anything about it, what are you going to do to protect your truck? There are a lot of...
  9. PBR Sweepstakes - Win an F-150

    Can’t hurt, right? https://www.ford.com/pbr/welcome-back
  10. Ford Performance factory leveling kit?

    Dealer is quoting me on a leveling kit for my Platty. When I asked what kit they use, his response was "we use a Ford leveling kit. That way it doesn't mess with the factory warranty". Is there a Ford kit? Anyone have this on their truck. This is the first I have heard of their being a Ford kit.
  11. Spooky, but pretty cool - Possible Birth Date of my Truck

    As I have mentioned on other posts, I spent the better part of my youth being carted around in 'Ford' products. They say your either a Ford or a Chevy guy, and my father was clearly in the Ford corner. Later on he transitioned to other brands, primarily Mercedes, but up until I could drive...
  12. Leer HF650M - Discount

    Picked up (actually ordered) a Leer HF650M from the Leer site. Tonn75 gets you $75.00 off the cover (any cover I think). Shipping was free! Pretty pumped!
  13. Well, it was going to happen eventually... Copart F-150's

    It is an eventuality, but I am not going to lie, as much sitting and waiting as everyone has done to get their trucks, it made me sad to see a few not even make it through their break-in period. Heck, one didn't even get a new owner...
  14. Platinum on 2.5" KSP Level Kit and 295/65-20's

    2.5" KSP Leveling Kit with 295/65-20 Nitto Trail Grappler M/T
  15. Platinum on 6" BDS Lift on 22 Toyo Open Country

    I cannot make out the tire size, but whooo that is a big truck.
  16. How to remove Partitioned Lockable Storage (rear seat storage tray)

    I posted this as a response to another thread, but thought it needed its own thread so it could be easily found. Removal is on an F-250, but you can see the storage box is nearly identical. Once removed your left with a flat carpeted floor.
  17. Got my VIN and Build Date - That was fast

    Ordered the truck Jan 25th with a build date of February 26th. VIN: 1FTFW1ED9MFB12096 2021 Platinum - Smoked Quartz - Black Unique - Powerboost - FX4
  18. Tire Recommendation / Experience Thread

    Starting to look at tires for my Platinum, when it finally arrives. I have seen some members going with the BFG All-Terrain, quite a few opting for Nitto Ridge Grappler, & I know Currybob is a Michelin fan . What tires do you like? What tires do you not like? What has worn well? I'll start: I...
  19. Almost 6-Month after joining Forum...finally pulled the trigger!

    Well, that certainly took long enough.
  20. Too early to be thinking about 2022?

    My dealer indicated that it could be as much as 6-months until my truck could arrive (which is probably a short wait based on how long many members have waited). That would put my truck here in late July (my birthday, coincidentally) . Given the short model year, and the roll out of the Tremor...