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  1. Adding a Winch

    Wonder what a winch with a 20-amp 110v motor would be like? Or go really nuts, 30-amp? :unsure:
  2. Performance Upgrade to heated steering wheel

    No joy here. Dealer said nope!
  3. OTA Power Up 6.8.0 is a nothing burger for me

    So far, after the update my Android Auto BT connection hasn't failed. That would be nice!
  4. Warning for those using the BM-2 Bluetooth Battery Monitor

    Taking my home will require avoiding a lot of lead poisoning. I suspect that there won't be much left of the house by the time we finish trading. And my last act will be firing the .45 caliber incendiary rounds into various cans of flammable fluids scattered about the house. Welcome to the ashes!
  5. Do you REALLY NEED 4×4?

    If you pass on 4x4, then I suggest making sure that you have a limited-slip in the rear. Two driving wheels can make up for a lot of traction issues. Personal experience.
  6. Im pulling my CAT 390 DL w/ F-150

    Not a big deal, but make sure that you use a 2-5/8" ball. 2" can't handle that.
  7. Wireless Connection Failed

    Add me to the list. Mine started acting up last month. Now extra details. One, I sometimes notice a temporary message along the lines of Low Power Mode On or something like that. Anyone know what that is about? Truck is nearly always on a tender. On to Wireless Connection Failed. Is this...
  8. Request VIN Lookup Thread

    I had a SSN event, but that was farther back than 60 days. I've been using the two-step start process to avoid that happening again, but my daughter occasionally uses the truck and I didn't want her to get stuck someplace with a SSN. Good to know that the truck is happy and healthy! And yes, I...
  9. PB2023 Tow Haul Mode

    No. I have used Tow/Haul for several trips of several hundred miles, never had anything like what you are describing.
  10. Request VIN Lookup Thread

    1FTFW1ED3PFA55320 Reference TSB 24-2008 for SSN issue. First time I took the truck in, nothing was done and I was told that they were seeing a lot of modules having issues, which didn't make sense to them. They wondered if there was an issue with a common bus between them, called Ford for...
  11. So, I'm bored and want to spend some money..

    You did say that you didn't want your wife to find out. Make up our minds!
  12. Wiper Blades Recommendation?

    This should be as entertaining as "what oil filter is best?" :D
  13. Pro Power Upgrade - I May Have No Choice - Anybody?

    I've read somewhere that something like 75% of King Ranch trucks are sold in Texas. I don't know if that is true, but I could certainly believe it. But I have mine in the other "T" state!
  14. Battery tender for a Powerboost?

    Mine is outside. I purchased an extension for the battery side. I have that routed over to the driver fenderwell. I have a 110 outlet outside, so I sit the charger on the tire and plug it in.
  15. f150 wireless android auto cutting off randomly?

    Galaxy S23 Ultra. Yes. Was connecting fine, no issues. About a month ago, I would pull out from the house, AA would connect, Waze map would come up and Amazon Music would start playing, then after a mile or two SYNC would lose the BT connection and it was dead until I shut down and started up...
  16. 2023 Powerboost “stop safely now” no start

    It has been a very long beat, but my local Ford shop told me that I truck needs TSB 23-2364. That isn't for the SSN, but rather for reduced engine output. Not something I have noticed. Are they related?
  17. Do you REALLY NEED 4×4?

    I have owned 4x4 vehicles nearly my entire adult life. I used to do a lot of "billy-goating" in various mountain ranges with the wife and kids, great way to enjoy the outdoors! If I think that I "might" need 4x4, I put it in 4x4. Did I need it? Don't know. Which is the point. I learned the hard...
  18. HELP: "Stop Safely Now" message?

    Finally got the truck in for the SSN service. That went south real quick! All day long, no news. Finally right at shop closing time, I get a call. Tech said that I have SIX MODULES that are erroring out. He said that all the techs agree, no one believes that six modules are simultaneously...
  19. Do our F150 really need mud flaps?

    Just gotta be a little different. Plain SS is on the front.
  20. Powerboost Bed Divider

    I used Ford Points to purchase the Ford Bed Divider. Works like a charm, for what I keep between it and the tailgate, it has the perfect placement. No complaints.